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How to Write A Book Using Expert Interviews

October 20th, 2010

How to Write a Book of Expert Interviews By Ronda Del Boccio One of the easiest formulas for how to write a book is to interview experts in your niche or industry and create the book. And as easy as this is to do right, it\’s easy to “mess up” as well. So let me show you how to create an interview book in a way that it truly drives people back to YOU and your business. The idea of an interview book is ” slap your forehead” simple. Simply record interviews with experts or industry leaders and turn those interviews into chapters of your book. I\’ve seen interview... Read More

The 3 Biggest Mistakes First-Time Nonfiction Authors Make & How to Avoid Them

September 22nd, 2010

The fact that experts know a lot is both a blessing and a curse. Both aspects come into play when you decide to take the plunge and write a book. While coaching a few hundred experts, coaches, speakers and business builders, I\’ve seen both the blessing and curse come into play. The blessing is that you have real solutions for people. You are a problem solver. You\’ve either learned how to avoid those mistakes in the school of hard knocks, or you\’ve spent time, money and trouble figuring something out, or you\’ve created a system that makes hard tasks simple. The bad news... Read More