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NABBW is All About Empowering Baby Boomer Women at Mid-Life!

The National Association of Baby Boomer Women is the only association devoted to addressing issues concerning 38 million of the healthiest, wealthiest, and best educated generation of women to ever hit midlife, baby boomer women.

The most important part of being a member of NABBW is taking advantage of your membership.

We’ve developed a complete package that offers a variety of products, services, and resources to help any boomer woman tackle midlife’s challenges. Take full advantage of all of our offerings —

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  • COMPLIMENTARY One year subscription (eleven issues) to More Magazine. More Magazine is the national magazine that celebrates women 40+. It is designed to help with issues that epitomize the next part of our life.
  • COMPLIMENTARY One year subscription (six issues – bi-monthly magazine) to Grand Magazine. In GRAND Magazine you’ll find a world that celebrates the joys and tackles the challenges of one of life’s sweetest experiences – having grandchildren.


  • FREE FINANCIAL ADVICE* offered via e-mail from a financial planning expert at Smith Barney.
  • FREE LEGAL ADVICE* offered via e-mail from a women’s law issues expert at Hodes, Ulman, Pessin and Katz, P.A., attorneys at law.
  • FREE ADVICE* offered via email for women suffering from sexual abuse or domestic violence issues.

SAVE ON TRAVEL — Save 10% OFF the Best Online Discounted Rates to Ten Top Hotel Chains and Resorts.

FREE TELE-CONFERENCES on topics of interest to Baby Boomer Women. Listen to all live calls free, as well as free access to our library of over 70 past tele-conferences.

ENJOY MIDLIFE COACHING at a discount with high quality coaches in the field.

DISCOUNTED WEB DESIGN with NABBW’s award-winning Web designer at webmaster@nabbw.com

SAVE ON GIFTS —  Save 15%* at 1-800-FLOWERS AND THE POPCORN FACTORY when you use a specific promotional code for NABBW members.

COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION with author Ronda Del Boccio for women who want to explore Book Authoring.

PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND for your Web sites and businesses through our NABBW resources. For example, let us:

  • INTERVIEW YOU on an NABBW teleseminar.
  • FEATURE YOU in Boomer Women’s World, our online monthly newsletter.
  • PROMOTE YOU in our weekly members-only newsletter, NABBW Weekly Update.
  • SHARE YOUR  STORY on our NABBW Blog, “Voices of Baby Boomer Women.”
  • OR TALK TO US about our other marketing opportunities.


  • OPPORTUNITY TO ENJOY EXCLUSIVE MEMBER ADVERTISING RATES at our sister site, Boomer Women Speak,  the #1 site for “baby boomer women” on all search engines.
  • ABILITY TO CONNECT to other women who are seeking, claiming, and living their passions at midlife through our highly ranked NABBW Forums.
  • YOU WILL BENEFIT FROM ACCESS TO A WEALTH OF INFORMATION pertaining to baby boomer women through NABBW and our sister site, Boomer Women Speak.
  • YOUR PROFILE – including geographic information and interests – IS INCLUDED  IN OUR ONLINE MEMBER DIRECTORY.
  • YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO BLOG on your topic of choice, and have your posts featured on our NABBW site.
  • YOU MAY PUBLISH one article a month to our NABBW site.
  • WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO SHARE YOUR NEWS and promote your activities via the Member News feature in our newsletters.
  • YOU HAVE ACCESS TO FELLOW NABBW MEMBERS with opportunities to exchange Web links, banner ads, and other networking information.


  • LEARN FROM OUR NABBW ASSOCIATES who are experts in topics of interest to you as a Baby Boomer Woman, including life reinvention, finances, fitness, self-improvement, getting organized, living life in the moment, relationships, mental health, thrifting, travel, retirement and winning in the workplace.
  • TAP INTO THE ENERGY AND TALENTS of other members, and create lasting friendships with women around the world.

*All free advice offered for straightforward issues requiring no extended research.

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Join the National Association of Baby Boomer Women!  Serving 38 million of the healthiest, wealthiest and best educated generation of women to ever hit midlife, baby boomer women.