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7 Simple Writing Hacks to Improve Your Skills

By Ronda del Boccio NABBW‘s Associate for Entrepreneurial Authoring I came across this outstanding, to-the-point article guest-written by Ray Edwards on Michael Hyatt’s blog, Your Virtual Mentor.  In this excellent column, Ray shared seven simple ways to improve your writing skills. As a veteran writer, I can tell you that he is right.  Here are his […]

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America’s Suicide

America’s Suicide Author: Michael H. Davison Reviewed for the NABBW by Anne L. Holmes As I write this, the country is reeling from yet another mass murder. This time, in an historic church. All over the news and in social media, we are struggling to try to understand how this sort of terrible violence could […]

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How to Write a Book: Who Is Your Ideal Reader?

By Ronda Del Boccio NABBW’s Entrepreneurial Authoring Expert As an author mentor, I attract poetry and fiction authors as well as nonfiction authors. Truly, any author needs to think like an entrepreneur, because there is more to writing the book than simply writing and publishing. One of the biggest stumbling blocks that causes my students […]

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Why I Let Go of Being A Business Mentor

Why I Let Go of Being A Business Mentor By Sheri Keys NABBW’s Entrepreneurial Publishing Expert As many of you may have heard, I made an announcement a few months ago that after 2012, I would no longer show up in the world as a business mentor. I received many emails from followers, clients and […]

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