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5 Key Reasons Why Fashion Designers Should Be Excited to Design for Women over 50

April 1st, 2016

By Karen Mathis for the NABBW Just because women hit 50+ years, doesn’t mean they (we) should no longer be targeted as fashion consumers. Why? There are millions of women 50+ in need of great clothing for their active and busy lives. The clothing businesses can always use more profits. #1 There’s A Very Large Number of Us According to the U.S. Census, there are 77 Million Baby-Boomers. Women make up approximately 50%, (inc.com). Forbes magazine and others write about it, “Women represent the largest market opportunity in the world,” (Forbes.com). #2 We have active, busy lives and need fashion... Read More

Should Style As You Age Become Theatrical Costume?

June 5th, 2012

Should Style As You Age Become Theatrical Costume? By Sherrie Mathieson NABBW’s Fashion and Style Expert Style is a language. If you want attention you might speak louder, or speak to shock. To get attention today (and yesterday), get noticed and reap affirmation of your existence in a crowded world where cell phones are most people\’s focal point–does it matter if it\’s positive or negative? Not really. Anything goes, because feeling invisible is a tough reality.The fact that as women get older the less likely they are to be noticed for their looks (certainly less by... Read More

Going On Vacation and Want Stylish Comfort?

April 6th, 2011

Going On Vacation and Want Stylish Comfort? By Sherrie Mathieson NABBW’s Fashion and Style Expert ….I\’m beginning to think about my own plans that may include warm temperatures and tons of walking. I, and my clients still wear short sleeves at times, but it\’s nice to find lightweight items that mix easily and give coverage. It\’s all about comfort, ease and I still want a very stylish appearance. The trick is finding the right items, and then packing a few lightweight bags, and great accessories (including sunglasses) that will give these key pieces diversity. Sherrie... Read More

Schuman’s New Book, “The Sartorialist” Is a Fun Read, Thoughtful Gift

January 12th, 2011

Schuman\’s New Book, “The Sartorialist” Is a Fun Read, Thoughtful Gift By Sherrie Mathieson NABBW’s Fashion Expert I received a thoughtful gift just after the holidays! The timing for this stylish surprise was perfect as the new year begins. It was a book that I would have certainly given mention to in my “Get Inspired!” section of  “Forever Cool” where I note other books that compliment the information I tried to infuse into my first publication — now (unbelievably!) six years ago.  The Sartorialist, by Scott Schuman was not yet out then... Read More

Style: Keeping Covered Yet Gorgeous for Dressy Holiday Parties

December 15th, 2010

Style: Keeping Covered Yet Gorgeous for Dressy Holiday Parties By Sherrie Mathieson NABBW’s Fashion Expert I know dressing for holiday events can be a challenge if you don\’t want lots of skin bared. I have shown in the past how wearing a dressy fabric shirt style –paired with dressy slacks, long skirt (full or slim) –with great accessories– can look great. Talbot\’s November catalog recently showed a very affordable long black ruffled (yet slim) black skirt with a dressy black shirt that was gorgeous– and a “cousin” to the high end outfit (sequined... Read More

“In your face” style is getting more outrageous..for some it\’s always Halloween.

October 31st, 2010

By: Sherrie Mathieson Lady Gaga is getting what she thrives on –attention– no matter how in “bad taste” it gets. The “Meat” outfit she recently wore to the MTV Music Video awards is a perfect example. Somehow if someone is outrageously talented we tend to forgive them (i.e. Cher or Elvis)–it becomes part of their persona. But to my eye (and sensibilities) it seems that being scandalous is the short cut many entertainers take to get sure-fire headlines. “Bad PR is better than no PR”–the PR folks say. What troubles me Is the message it... Read More

“Six Easy Pieces”, Shopping Diet is All About Less-is-More

September 22nd, 2010

As a style consultant I believe it\’s my job to be the arbiter of worthwhile purchases. “To buy,or not to buy?” that is the question. At the start, all my clients need a core wardrobe which includes a variety of accessories ( bags and shoes). But after several years of perfecting and adding to the original “six easy pieces” (it\’s really more like 20 ) with lots more detail (jewelry etc) we always reach a point when we recognize that we are now acquiring beautiful things for the sheer fun of it , for the thrill of having something new (and hopefully different... Read More

Who wears short shorts? Or rather who should wear short shorts?

July 12th, 2010

Due to the incredible heat and humidity lately–I\’ve envied every gal who could still wear the most abbreviated variety–and do so appropriately. But alas, I\’m of the age where I need to summon self discipline and good judgement– and find cool clothing that serves me well these summer days. Here are some of the points I want to make. I think shorts are great for hot weather–but the appropriateness factor looms large. Age and physique are both important . A very young woman can get away with shorties (short shorts)– Still there is a point of indecency... Read More

Shopping for eyeglasses?

June 14th, 2010

When I turned forty (-exactly on the dot!) I needed eyeglasses. Rather than despair–I was happy. Since I was a little girl I wanted #1-long hair (finally grew it at 40-ish) #2-pierced ears (accomplished at age 16), and #3, believe it or not–glasses! Today I go shopping every few years (my husband in tow for his opinion) for an “everyday pair.” I do this for clients often –because selection and observation by a critical and stylishly fluent consultant (hopefully me) –sure helps. They know that their glasses may be the first accessory people notice–for obvious... Read More

When it comes to style, is there too much freedom?

May 13th, 2010

Lucky for too many–the “fashion police” is merely a media fabrication. But admittedly as I sat in a NYC subway today, I was astonished at how inured society is to bad taste. I seemed to be the only one who gazed at the half-naked woman (in her early 40s perhaps and at least 200 lbs). She lazily sipped her drink and was oblivious to my stare. She was wearing a black bra that left 5″ of voluptuous cleavage exposed. A black spandex dress sausaged what could not be contained. Upon exiting at 50th and 7th–low and behold was another vision– that surely tempted fate.... Read More