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Midlife for Women – A Play in Three Acts: Act I

June 30th, 2006

ACT I – CRUNCHING THE CRUMMIES The most common invaders during our midlife years (which I define as that phase of life anywhere between forty and death) are the FIVE CRUMMIES. They are CRUMMY HEALTH, CRUMMY KIDS, CRUMMY PARTNERS, CRUMMY JOBS, and CRUMMY DEALS. They come in pairs or trios, or even a quintet. They break down your defenses, cause you to stumble, even to fall. The following are some specific antidotes and action plans when the CRUMMIES hit. CRUMMY HEALTH only starts with menopause or peri-menopause. The ante is upped when you add chronic back pain (from lifting those grandkids or hauling... Read More

A Change of Attitude

June 1st, 2006

…By Prill Boyle Attitude might not be everything, but it\’s a good place to start if you want something in your life to change. Let me tell you a personal story. After my youngest son was born, I did not have warm and fuzzy feelings about him. For three months, he had colic and cried all the time. Well into his second year, no matter what my husband and I did, we couldn\’t get him to stick to a schedule or listen to adults. If we told him not to whack his friend, he\’d get a twinkle in his eye and do it anyway. If we tried reverse psychology, he\’d outsmart us. Then... Read More

Follow the Little Leaders

June 1st, 2006

…by Julie Clark Robinson “I meant to do my work today – But a brown bird sang in the apple tree. And a butterfly flitted across the field, and all the leaves were calling me.” –Richard le Gallienne Remember that scene in “Big” when Tom Hanks — the man who woke up  one day to find that he was trapped in a boy\’s body — hops on his bike and awkwardly rides it down the street? That image comes to my mind more times than I can count – even all these years after the movie was made. Why? I think it\’s the way a grown man was able to so accurately move... Read More

Eight Mistakes That Can Kill Your Website

June 1st, 2006

…by Suzanne Falter-Barnes Ever notice how some websites feel great, energetic, fun — you just want to linger to soak up more? And yet other sites are truly repellant. These tips will help you create a truly happening site…. 1. Don\’t use a dark background. Think about the websites you\’ve seen that are fun, refreshing, and really draw you in. Ever notice they usually have a white or light background? Dark or heavily patterned background are emotionally draining to look at, and they\’re hard to read. Since the Web is a written medium, color counts! 2. Don\’t... Read More

Walking Through Fear

May 1st, 2006

…by Prill Boyle We\’re all afraid. If we\’re not anxious about getting senile or going broke, we\’re worried that our children will start using drugs or that we\’ll end up as one-hit wonders. It doesn\’t matter how accomplished, brilliant and beautiful we consider ourselves. Fear comes with the territory of being human. And the better we are at navigating through it, the more comfortable we feel in our skins and surroundings. Facing fear also goes hand-in-hand with realizing our dreams. That\’s why for the past six years, beginning the morning I got the... Read More

Soggy Slippers and All

May 1st, 2006

…by Julie Clark Robinson “An optimist is the human personification of spring.”  -Susan J. Bissonette Every day I wake up a little more giddy than the day before. Steaming cup of coffee in hand, I challenge my slippers to take on the dew and head out the door to see, literally, what\’s new. I give a nod of acceptance that the daffodils – whose emergence a few weeks back felt more glorious to me than any 4th of July fireworks show – are on their way out. I wonder if my neighbors think I\’m nuts. “Of course they do,” I tell myself. We\’re the family who moved in,... Read More

Dealing With Your Depression – Column IV

April 30th, 2006

In this SERIES of monthly COLUMNS Dr. Stephen will help you: • Find out more about your depressed mood • Name that tune: A description of depressive and mood disorders • Change your depressed mood through action • Decide if you need medication COLUMN FOUR: DECIDING IF YOU NEED MEDICATION Let me begin by reminding you that I am a psychologist and, therefore, do not prescribe medications. Medications are prescribed only by MDs, either psychiatrists or general practitioners. My knowledge of medication management comes from 37 years of being in practice... Read More

Being Alone

April 1st, 2006

…by Prill Boyle While leading a Defying Gravity workshop last month, I asked the women in the group to share a few of their fears. Lynn, a 50-something divorcée, didn\’t hesitate. “I\’m afraid to grow old without a companion,” she said. The irony is that if Lynn remains single, she\’ll soon have plenty of company. As we baby boomer women age, more and more of us will find ourselves alone. Some of us will never marry. Others will divorce. Statistically speaking, the majority of wives will end up widows. If all this sounds depressing, keep in mind that being single isn\’t... Read More

April Showers Bring April Showers

April 1st, 2006

…by Julie Clark Robinson “Let the rain kiss you.  Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.”  -Langston Hughes Yesterday, I was strangely excited. The sky stayed dark all day and my battered wind chimes worked overtime. “Clang, clang….the weatherman wants to tell you something…” I stopped working for a minute and let my senses drink it in. “Clang, clang…get off your ass and turn on the TV”. After months of frosty air, I cracked open my office window and felt actual warmth seeping in. “Clang, thump! Rumble, rumble,... Read More

Learning to Open Your Heart

March 1st, 2006

…by Suzanne Falter-Barnes Five years ago a psychic in Key West, FL told me something I\’m only just now beginning to understand. As I sat there in front of her, in a darkened room all full of incense, she intoned: “You\’ll have the success you want, Suzanne… but only when you open your heart.” I wasn\’t sure what this meant, exactly, but I did what any good self-help devotee would do. I set out to crack the code on what ‘opening your heart\’ meant. My first stop was the aromatherapy store, where I spent a good hour sniffing this and that until I\’d... Read More