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Book Marketing Power Tip: How to Write a Book Pitch that Sizzles

Book Marketing Power Tip: How to Write a Book Pitch that Sizzles

By Ronda Del Boccio
NABBW’s Entrepreneurial Authoring Expert

This true story about an encounter at a writer\’s conference demonstrates how critical it is for any book author to have a good “elevator pitch” for in your book marketing plan.

One of the most common conversation starters at any conference, meeting, or even personal encounter is, “Tell me about your book”

This happens way too often. I asked Joe about his novel. He should have told me to pull up a chair and sit awhile, because his description rambled on for several minutes. But in all those minutes, he never conveyed the value of his book.

Every time I witnessed another author ask him about his book, he did the same thing and received a similar reaction. If Joe were nearby, I would tell the people I was with, “Don\’t ask Joe about his book. He can\’t figure out what genre it is; he can\’t tell you what it\’s about, and you\’ll stand there wasting 10 minutes to figure that out.”

Why Do You Need a Quick Pitch / Elevator Speech for your book?

It is critical for you as the expert to have the ability to communicate the value you add to people\’s lives. Hemming and hawing does not make you come across as someone who knows your stuff.

This is a very “cut to the chase” era. People want to get to the point quickly. This is actually good when you understand how to convey the value of your book to a listener efficiently and powerfully.

Never be afraid to “turn people off.” There\’s no reason for you or the listener wasting a lot of time only to find they would not be your ideal customer anyway.

Whether speaking to a potential customer, media contact or audience, speaking to the benefits is key.

Where Might You Need an Elevator Pitch for your book?

Here are the top 5 situations in which you may need an elevator pitch that rolls off your tongue with ease:

1 — At a networking meeting 2 — At a professional conference, workshop or event 3 — As presenter at an event (such as a teleconference, webinar or live function) 4 — In any customer or prospect encounter (in person or electronically) 5 — When reaching out to the press.

Avoid This Big Elevator Pitch Mistake

A huge mistake many authors make is focusing on “MY book.” People are constantly tuned in to WIIFM — what\’s in it for me. This means that people want to know “how is this relevant to my life” and “why should I care about this?”

It\’s a good idea to write your elevator pitch rather than make it up in your head. When someone asks about the book, you can come out with a coherent answer that won\’t make them look at their watch.

The Perfect Pitch Formula

Best selling author Sally Shields showed me an excellent formula that she has used successfully and taught to hundreds of authors on her radio show. She is the number 1 best selling author of The Daughter in Law RULES, and she has been in prestigious magazines, on national network shows and more.

The quick pitch for your book is not meant to be an “in your face” pushy attempt to force a sale. It needs to be a short sound bite (because you will be speaking it aloud) that arouses curiosity.

Here is Sally\’s 3-sentence book pitch formula:

The first sentence is where you share your name and the name of your book. If you have a great title, this alone will arouse curiosity.

The second sentence shares the vision for the book. This sentence helps the listener understand why you wrote the book and for whom.

The third sentence speaks directly to WIIFM. Say what top tips, insider secrets or techniques readers can expect.

A good technique is to focus on numbers. A certain number of steps to the solution, of insider tips, or of success stories work well.

The Perfect Pitch formula in Action.

Sentence 1: My name is _____, and I am the author of (title & subtitle).

Sentence 2: I wrote this book (to solve this problem / to share this insider knowledge etc.)

Sentence 3. In the book, you will discover __(number) tips/strategies/techniques to (get this highly desirable result).

An example of the 3-sentence Formula:

My name is Ronda Del Boccio, and I\’m the author of The Instant VIP! Insider secrets to Fame, Freedom and Fulfillment as an Expert Author.

This book teaches a step-by-step method for how to write a book that boosts your reputation and your business.

Inside, you\’ll discover the 7 essential elements of a profitable book so that your book can bring you the success you desire.

Follow this system to create a quick pitch for your book marketing plan right now.

A scintillating elevator pitch can get you media bookings, speaking engagements, and joint venture partnership invitations.

Receive inspirational thoughts, quotes, stories & more at http://ProfitableStorytelling.com/inspirationalstories. #1 bestselling author Ronda Del Boccio is known globally as The Story lady because she teaches you to create the best ever: The story of YOU living with passion, love, joy and purpose. She is legally blind but never lets that get in her way!

Ronda Del Boccio Author, Entreprenuer Authoring Expert

Known globally as The Story Lady Ronda teaches entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, business owners and visionaries how to connect with your ideal clients through the power of sharing your story and becoming an author. Her simple system for how to write a book that explodes your business is receiving international acclaim. Receive your 10-lesson multimedia mini-course on how to write a profitable book at <a href="http://ProfitableStorytelling.com/writeabook.htm"

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