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Just the Flax

November 19th, 2012

Just the Flax By Leigh Anne Jasheway NABBW’s Boomer Humor Expert On the advice of Dr. Oz and this guy I sat next to at the Department of Motor Vehicles, I’ve started adding flax and chia seeds to everything I eat. They’re both tasty when sprinkled on cereal and baked into cookies (mmmh, cookies), but I have to say it’s hard to get the seeds to adhere to carrot sticks unless I slather them with cream cheese or peanut butter first. I’m sure that’s heart-healthy, right? Besides, as far as I know, no one’s made flax butter yet. One thing no one warned me about was that these tiny... Read More


November 19th, 2012

Thanksgiving By Natalie Caine, M.A. NABBW’s Empty Nest Expert The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you. Elbert Hubbard Memories rise up. People we have spent time with and those we no longer can see, come visiting in our minds and hearts. Memories are a good thing. We fear the tears, the loneliness, and we long for connections. What I appreciate about the human spirit is we get to begin, again. We get to be brave and make up new traditions, break some rules, and allow who we are today to simply be happy. Some people have communities and others don\’t.... Read More

All the Single Ladies

November 19th, 2012

All the Single Ladies By Jan Cullinane NABBW’s Expert on The New Retirement Did you know that there are more than 25 million single women over the age of 45 in the United States, and that this demographic is growing? And, even if you\’re a happily married woman now, there\’s an 80-90% chance you\’ll be single at some point, and be responsible for all decisions, including where you\’ll live? I attribute the growth of this powerful group to what I call the “5Ds”: Divorce, Death of a spouse, Delayed marriage, Dumped (or did the dumping), and just Don\’t... Read More

A Women’s Guide to Healthcare in Retirement

November 19th, 2012

Why Women Need Life Insurance By Pamela J. Sams, CRPC NABBW’s Retirement Planning for Women Expert At any age, health care is a priority. But when you retire, you should probably focus more on health care than ever before. This is especially true for women. Women live longer, develop certain chronic conditions (e.g., osteoporosis) at a higher rate than men, and are more apt to experience medical limitations that directly affect their daily activities. That\’s why it\’s particularly important for women to factor in the cost of health care, including long-term care, as part of... Read More

Ruby’s World: My Journey with the Zulu

November 19th, 2012

Ruby’s World: My Journey with the Zulu Author: Karen Baldwin http://www.changehealgrow.me/rubys-world/ Reviewed By: Anne Holmes for the NABBW This is a true story – a memoir that reads like a suspense novel. Author Karen Baldwin, it tells her story of how at 52, after surviving a heart attack and breast cancer, she decided to abandon her career in civil engineering in favor of a spiritual calling. She became a hospital chaplain, and then followed a dream and a spiritual calling to become the first white teacher in a rural Zulu elementary school. She arrives in South Africa alone, her bags... Read More

Rx for the Holidays: Cultivate Gratitude

November 19th, 2012

Rx for the Holidays: Cultivate Gratitude By Mary J. Yerkes NABBW’s Living with Chronic Illness Expert Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, and with it, festive times with friends and family. However, for those living with chronic disease and illness, unrealistic expectations, difficulties with travel, and busy schedules can add up to increased pain and fatigue, taking which takes not only a physical toll but an emotional toll as well. Fortunately, one aspect of the Thanksgiving holiday can actually improve your physical, emotional, and mental health — an “attitude of gratitude.” A... Read More

Baby Boomer Women and The Four Keys to Weight Loss

October 23rd, 2012

Baby Boomer Women and The Four Keys to Weight Loss By Sue Stevenson, Ph.D. As a Baby Boomer woman I understand that over the years the demands of career, family, and daily life too often mean that our health and wellness, our time to take care of ourselves, can get lost in the shuffle. It is so easy to put off doing things for ourselves by saying, “I don\’t have time for that right now”, or “I\’ll get around to that sometime”. Whether you have had trouble losing the extra weight and keeping it off with dieting or if weight has just crept up on you the dilemma... Read More

Can A Busy Person Be Healthy Too?

October 23rd, 2012

Can A Busy Person Be Healthy Too? By Susanne Warren If you\’re concerned with remaining healthy and fit, you\’re probably reading articles on a regular basis that encourage you to do things like work out six days a week, eat more home-cooked meals, and meditate on a daily basis. But if you\’ve got a full-time job, a long commute, kids, and a home to care for, you may be thinking, “When am I supposed to sleep?” You know, of course, that you need to do that too! On top of all your responsibilities, you may feel stressed by all the things you\’re supposed to... Read More

Chirping Bird Society Compares Winston Churchill to Capt. Charles Moore

October 9th, 2012

Chirping Bird Society Compares Winston Churchill to Capt. Charles Moore By Goffinet McLaren In 1937, Britain\’s Winston Churchill was \’chirping\’ incessantly like a bird about the territorial threats of Adolf Hitler and the potential of an upcoming war but the world was asleep and the messenger disparaged as a war-monger. The consequences of national slumber were devastating. Had people only paid attention to Mr. Churchill\’s chirping at that time, Herr Hitler could have been contained, WWII and the Holocaust avoided, and millions of lives saved from torture and death. In... Read More

A Vendor\’s Take On The Mile High Flea Market

September 30th, 2012

A Vendor\’s Take On The Mile High Flea Market By Barb Tobias NABBW’s Thrifting Expert Enthralled by the grandeur of the Mile High Flea Market, I took the four-day challenge. As a shopper and as a vendor, I visited this sprawling bazaar, farmers market and antiques fair northeast of Denver on a consecutive Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is the oldest of the area\’s flea markets and a virtual Disney World for resale devotees. Earlier this year, its owners ditched a rebranding effort, so once again its official name, and the one the event launched with in 1975, is Mile... Read More