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The Simpler Way

December 14th, 2010

The Simpler Way By Lisa Byrne NABBW’s Boomer Women\’s Fitness Expert  Read More

Activate your Power

November 29th, 2010

Activate your Power By Lisa Byrne, NABBW’s Boomer Women\’s Fitness Expert  Read More

Is Your Personal Trainer Working for You? Or Is It Time To Move On?

October 31st, 2010

Is It Time To Move On? By Lisa Byrne Personal training sessions can be a considerable amount of money to invest for the sake of achieving a goal that you have deemed you cannot do alone. The relationship that you have with your personal trainer is highly dependent upon your degree of satisfaction and their degree of professionalism. Hiring a trainer may come through word of mouth, or by your observation of what\’s around you or perhaps a good ad in the paper caught your eye. However it is that you ended up working with a trainer you want to be aware of some flags that may signal stepping... Read More

Fall Into Fitness

September 22nd, 2010

The fitness profession regards September as one of the three months that stand out for people to re-commit to exercise, get in shape and begin a new program (January and May are the others). September is one of the best months to refocus and reinvent some aspect of yourself. Why? For a few reasons. Whether or not you have children tapping into the back to school tide and energy are hard to miss. With the energy shift of entering a new grade kids surely have butterflies, but the eagerness of a new beginning fills the air. Greeting the new grade they can refocus their intentions with a whole new... Read More

Boomer Women – Fit it in, no matter what

August 22nd, 2010

Boomer Women – Fit it in, no matter what With regards to your health and physical well being, how do you envision yourself, say, through the next 30 years? Looking towards that future, what matters to you now with respect to your physical well being and movement? Last year, I asked those 2 questions in the form of a survey to the Boomer women that come to my movement studio. I wasn’t just polling a bucket of Boomer women with a mean age of 57; these were the women that taught me how to teach them 10 years ago when I opened the doors. Yes, they were still with me, a lot of them. I want... Read More

Heat Be Gone!

August 22nd, 2010

It is sweltering hot – dangerously hot – in many areas of the States. Right here, on my block, it hit an all time high yesterday of 103 degrees! I ran whatever errands I needed to \’run\’ at a crawl with a bottle of ice water in one hand and a \’spritzer\’ (a.k.a. spray bottle filled with ice water) in the other! And i wondered how people managed – heck how I managed – before air-conditioners. Yes, people. There was a time when we managed to get through the summer without air-conditioners! How did we get through those long dog-dayso f summer and... Read More

Urinary Tract Infections – 6 Ways to Prevent Them During Menopause

July 7th, 2010

Urinary tract infections are one of the most common bacterial infections in women. This female tract is more susceptible to infections during menopause due to a reduction in hormonal support from the body. This system is meant to remove the body\’s fluid wastes and is more vulnerable to multiplication of bacteria which can lead to a nasty infection. Though not typically serious, they can be very painful and most often the symptoms disappear quickly after treatment with antibiotics. Most women experience this kind of infection at least once in their lifetimes, often caused by sexual intercourse.... Read More

Step by Step Guide: How to beat the nighttime eats!

July 7th, 2010

For many of us the biggest challenge in our day comes at night. We find it almost impossible to simply put down the fork, push away from the dinner table and move on into the night without finding our minds drifting towards food. It would be lovely to be without the obsessive food thoughts — to make space for a peaceful, calm and soulful evening. Wouldn\’t it? I have worked out an easy and yes, brilliant strategy that you can follow! Step by Step Guide: How to Beat the Nighttime Eats! Step 1. Upon Entering (after a long day\’s work or outing): Music activates the same feel good... Read More

Moving Into Your Groove

June 17th, 2010

It is well known that recent studies suggest that a three week period is critical for retention. Three weeks appears to the minimal time frame needed to install a new habit or not let it slip away from awareness. Did you ever hear this before? The evidence behind it is that three weeks of consistent practice is sufficient time to lay down the new neuromuscular grooves. This is poignant given what movements we ask of ourselves during gardening season I have liked to call it a ‘21 day experiment\’. This is what I use with new clients that come into our movement studio and are looking to make... Read More

Feng Shui: 10 Healthy Living Tips

June 14th, 2010

I ran into the Buddha on the Road to Sveltesville, and I said, “Buddha, I\’ve been thinking that I great way to begin to lose weight would be to eliminate high fat and sugary foods. What do you think?” And the Buddha replied, “Maybe!” What did the Buddha mean? Did he mean that starting there was the \’wrong place to start?\’ Should I be looking at another place, a new place to start??? Needless to say, my mind went into high gear (as our minds tend to do). And … I came up with a near perspective; a new place to start. Here follows some new thinking... Read More