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Can You Be Loved for Being Different?

July 7th, 2011

Can You Be Loved for Being Different? By Judith Sherven, Ph.D. NABBW’s Healthy Relationships Expert Before we get into what it means to be loved for being different in your wisdom-elder years, we want to take you on a bit of a vision quest. When you were growing up what did you learn about how you were supposed to think about and treat people who were different from you and your family? What did your family say? How about your friends? Neighbors? What were the messages you received either openly or by suggestion? You may not have an answer right off, because this is not a question that... Read More

Conflicts Can Be… Romantic?

May 13th, 2011

Conflicts Can Be… Romantic? By Judith Sherven, Ph.D. NABBW’s Healthy Relationships Expert Romantic conflicts are as common as . . . Money, Sex, In-laws, Holidays, Feeling Ignored, Vacations Enough Time Together, Lack of Listening, Dirty Fighting The “Right Way” to Do Things, “You Just Don\’t Get It” and on and on . . . And whether you’ve been together for years and years, or you’ve become a couple just recently, no doubt both of you have your own unique trouble spots that make conflicts even more confusing. Add to that the entrenched ideas about... Read More

A Simple Prayer

April 5th, 2011

A Simple Prayer By Judith Sherven, Ph.D. NABBW’s Healthy Relationships Expert I’ve been reading a remarkable and lovely book Love Thyself: The Message From Water III written by doctor of alternative medicine and international authority on micro-cluster water Masaru Emoto. You may have followed Emoto’s exploration and photographic documentation of how emotions effect frozen water crystals, as he has written several well-received books on the topic. If not, it’s important that you understand that his work is a vivid reflection of the power of your words and emotions to effect... Read More

Perfecting Your Genius…

January 10th, 2011

Perfecting Your Genius… By Judith Sherven NABBW’s Healthy Relationships Expert Perfecting your genius, magnifying your excellence…  It\’s all the same thing! When my brother recently sent me  this video of Larry Griswald on the Frank Sinatra Show – from way back in 1951 – I  just knew I had to share it with you! This guy is a true athlete and comedian. How many hits & bruises did he take in perfecting the act? Just for the record, Larry Griswald was co-inventor of  the trampoline, a comedian, and a world class swimmer and diver. Enjoy! And as you do,... Read More

Loved For Who You Really Are

August 22nd, 2010

The first blush of love is intoxicating. Every touch, every kiss, every thought of one another is enough to quicken your heart and thrill your spirit. You are perfect for one another. Or so it seems at the beginning. Then things change. Differences show up. Instead of two-who-have-become-as-one, you feel separate and you\’re not sure the other one is somebody you even like anymore. Your relationship has entered into the clash of differences. Why does that happen? Because love changes. It cannot stay static. The future of what you will have together will grow out of the deeper love that awaits... Read More

The Dangerous Price of Preferring Fantasy

July 12th, 2010

Romantic fantasies, like drugs and alcohol, offer the hope of getting what you believe you can\’t get on your own. Also like drugs, they are temporary and never ultimately satisfying. When the spell dissolves, you\’re lost in the pit of heartbreak, shortchanged by life yet again. On the other hand, when fantasy is not a substitute for reality, it can be a playful source of pleasure. You can slip beyond the limits of daily life and play in a make-believe world. You get to go anywhere, be anyone and experience anything you like. However, enjoying romantic fantasies is one thing. Preferring... Read More

Conscious Curiosity is Key to Dating Success

June 11th, 2010

When you practice conscious dating, you practice the emotional skills required for a happy marriage. And being curious about each other is central to real connection and real romance. So here are just a few tips to help you be a smart dater, a conscious dater: Throughout the day, keep a list of all you\’d like to know about your lover. Make a time in the evening, or when it\’s convenient, to ask your questions and share the answers with as much trust and openness as you can. For example, find out more about each other\’s childhoods and dating fears. Ask for specific reasons... Read More

Conflicts can be Romantic?

May 12th, 2010

Romantic conflicts are as common as . . . Chores, Money, Sex, In-laws, Holidays, Feeling Ignored, Vacations, Disciplining the Children, Enough Time Together, Lack of Listening, Dirty Fighting, The “Right Way” to Do Things, “You Just Don\’t Get It,” and on and on . . . And you\’ve got your own unique trouble spots that make conflicts even more confusing. That\’s why we offer 5 keys to a romantic outcome, when you know how to resolve your conflicts in a way that benefits each of you, and your relationship. 1) You Are Both Right: each of you brings some... Read More

It\’s All About Connection . . . OR NOT!

April 12th, 2010

Perhaps even more important for Boomers — what is it that makes dating such a jumbled mess of painful mistakes? Certainly not a lack of trying. That\’s far from the truth. And it\’s not because you\’re desperate. If that was true you would have married long ago . . . even if it was your first or fourth, you would have settled for the safety of marriage. Instead you continue to search for that person who fits what you\’re looking for, who makes sense emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and sexually. So how do you find him? How do you find her? The truth... Read More

Engagement Tips for the Smart Bride and Groom

February 12th, 2010

Now that we\’re in Engagement Season – from Thanksgiving through Valentine\’s Day – if you\’re planning on “popping” or “answering” THE QUESTION you\’ll want to make the most of this life changing moment. So remember . . . Your engagement is a time of great excitement, and all to often the burden and frustration of stress. Yet if you follow these helpful Do\’s and Don\’ts you\’ll enjoy sharing romance and joy as well as the wedding planning itself. And please pass this along to anyone who is engaged or considering it. Do\’s Talk... Read More