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The Joys of Senior-hood

August 26th, 2008

I will always remember receiving my first letter from AARP. I had just celebrated my 40th birthday and thought the letter was hilarious. Each year thereafter, I\’ve received a letter. Soon the AARP letters would send me running to the mirror scrutinizing my face for every perceived wrinkle. And let\’s not forget counting each and every strand of grey hair! The closer I got to the BIG 5-0, the less funny it became. In fact, I became downright upset that someone I didn\’t know would keep sending me these messages that “I\’m getting older.” Who needs to be reminded anyway?... Read More

Got My Going Britches On

August 14th, 2008

My granny use to say to me, “Girl, you’ve got your going britches on!” Seems I was constantly begging to GO somewhere. I wanted to move, to go, or to do…something. Anything. I was never satisfied to just BE. Many years later, (like I’m gonna tell my age?) I’m still that way. My house and my yard show it. And then some. As a result of my gypsy spirit, I’m domestically challenged. Okay, big, fat lie. I’m not challenged, I just hate housework. There’s a difference. Here you have a person with a one track mind; to go and to do—something, anything …as long as it doesn’t involve... Read More

Sleep Easy at Night!

August 12th, 2008

Raise your hand if getting a good night\’s sleep is becoming mission impossible. Yep, just as I thought. Your insomnia could be happening for a wide variety of reasons— from stress and anxiety to menopause and medical conditions. Bet you didn\’t know that insomnia is the most commonly reported sleep disorder and that it affects 30 percent of adults, most of whom are women and the elderly. But wait! Help is on the way. A recent research abstract authored by Brazilian scientist Giselle Passos, is one of the first studies to show that people who suffer from insomnia and who engage... Read More


August 12th, 2008

By Wendy Reid Crisp, NABBW member, Editor-in-Chief of GRAND magazine, and author of “When I Grow Up I Want To Be 60” Our dog has died. Returning from a short trip, we drove up to the house, to be greeted only by our border collie, Frank. “Where\’s Viola?” I asked, and my husband said she\’d been around when he left for the airport. We searched the yard and found her quivering under a rhododendron on the berm by the creek. We helped her into the house and made her comfortable. During the night, I got up to give her more water. I talked to her, and she looked at me with eyes... Read More

Nine Nimble Steps to a Svelte and Willowy Mind

August 12th, 2008

As the natural aging process slowly yet steadily sets in, our mental and physical functions can, in time, become impaired. However, there are fun ways to keep your mind nimble, svelte and willowy! How to slow this process? In addition to a well-balanced and healthful diet as well as physical exercise, neurobics can aid the anti-aging process. What are neurobics? Neurobics are my kind of exercise. They are aerobic workouts for the brain that help activate new brain circuits, which enhance the brain\’s production of neurotrophins (natural growth factors). Neurotrophins help the brain\’s... Read More

Seven Boomer Bytes

August 12th, 2008

In their “Third Quarterly Boomer Report” (April 2008), AARP and Focalyst detailed a number of fascinating facts and insights about this age group. A few of these nuggets: 1. “71 percent of Boomer women believe that they look and feel younger than most people their age.” 2. “44% of Boomers and Matures might buy more technology products if they were easier to use.” 3. “Over 19 million consumers ages 43+ have goals to continue their education.” 4. “73% of Boomers and Matures read local newspapers – the most frequently used media among this demographic.” 5. “Only 1 in... Read More

Second Chance

August 12th, 2008

Author: Joy Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos Second Chance is a story about Sara Weber, a woman whose relatively quiet existence becomes increasingly complicated as her husband\’s ex-wife barges into their day-to-day lives. Sara\’s predicament serves as a reminder that life can…and will, shove circumstances in our wake over and over until we finally understand. She wrestles with anger, jealously, and fear as seemingly all of her relationships—her mother, sister, step-daughter, and husband—are tested simultaneously. It\’s a lot to swallow and, at one... Read More

The Economics of Pursuing a Passion

August 11th, 2008

…by Prill Boyle In this economy, it\’s easy to think that pursuing a passion is a luxury we can\’t afford. But here\’s what I think: Can we afford not to follow our hearts? (How far does our pessimism ripple outward when we\’re unhappy?) Can we afford not to be positive role models for the next generation? Can America, can an imperiled earth, truly afford less? When we ask ourselves what gives us joy and make room for that in our lives, even just a few moments here and there, it\’s not only us that reaps the benefit; it\’s everyone. Take Matt Harding.... Read More

Depression & Menopause – Important Guidelines for Making it Through Mid-Life

August 11th, 2008

Do women going through menopause experience depression differently? “I never know if depression is what I\’m really experiencing, or if it\’s something else and how long will it last” Sara told me. \’Menopause made that process even more confusing at times.” When I heard these words from a friend of mine, I realized that unless someone ‘diagnoses\’ you as depressed, how do you really know that is what you are experiencing? Most of us have been or seen someone depressed in our lives, so we are at risk for labeling ourselves something that might not even be... Read More

Hard Lessons from a Hard Drive

August 11th, 2008

After the LORD finished speaking to me, I got another scroll and gave it to Baruch. Then I told him what to write, so this second scroll would contain even more than was on the scroll Jehoiakim had burned. – Jeremiah 36:32 cev Have you ever had the hard drive on your computer crash and burn? I have. And I wouldn\’t wish that situation on my worst enemy. I lost everything on my computer. All my files. All my mail. All my favorites and email addresses. I sat in front of my laptop and prayed. Then I cried a bit. Then I prayed some more. I took my computer, which I really wanted to shove over... Read More