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Why I Let Go of Being A Business Mentor

November 20th, 2012

Why I Let Go of Being A Business Mentor By Sheri Keys NABBW’s Entrepreneurial Publishing Expert As many of you may have heard, I made an announcement a few months ago that after 2012, I would no longer show up in the world as a business mentor. I received many emails from followers, clients and close friends. Most of you congratulated me on my transition and a few people I am really close to showed up completely honest as usual and said, “Are you crazy?” My close friends know I love them because they are so honest and without them in my life to ask such beautiful and hard questions,... Read More

5 Tips for Living In the Space Between Dreams & Reality & Why You Should

July 8th, 2011

5 Tips for Living In the Space Between Dreams & Reality & Why You Should By Sheri McConnell NABBW’s Entrepreneurial Publishing Expert “Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams & reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.” – Belva Davis I absolutely adore this quote. I feel myself expand each time I read it. When I found it earlier this year, I realized I’ve grown accustomed to living in this place. I’ve been practicing awareness and shifting and walking back and forth on the bridge between dreams and reality in bigger way for over a decade now. And... Read More

First Quarter\’s Over: 10 Simple Steps You Can Still Take to Make This Your Best Year Yet!

April 6th, 2011

First Quarter\’s Over: 10 Simple Steps You Can Still Take to Make This Your Best Year Yet! By Sheri McConnell NABBW’s Entrepreneurial Publishing Expert One – Organize and Purge Remove clutter for clarity. If you start here first and organize parts of your life, you will be far more productive. Bring in a 3rd party if needed and clear away the old life to make room for the new. Two – Buy Simple Planning Tools My favorite CEO planning tools are a giant Write On Wipe Off Board (my idea of being in Nerd heaven) and large Post-it Notes. Both are for planning new ways to work... Read More

How To Avoid Getting In The Way of Your Mentoring Results

February 12th, 2011

How To Avoid Getting In The Way of Your Mentoring Results By Sheri McConnell NABBW\’s  Entrepreneurial Publishing Expert If you are in need of someone to hold the space for you to take your 2011 leaps, here are a few things you should do before and during the mentoring relationship: Research Your Mentor Decisions feel better when we do our due diligence… yes, sometimes, you do have to follow your heart and let it guide you.  I do that, however, I always make sure to research and run the numbers on my mentoring investments.  Has this person accomplished on a bigger scale ... Read More

Beauty in Life Comes from Letting Go

November 30th, 2010

Beauty in Life Comes from Letting Go By Sheri McConnell, NABBW\’s  Entrepreneurial Publishing Expert In life and in business I have discovered that beautiful synchronicities show up in all parts of our life when we just let go.  Here are just a few areas you can begin to practice letting go.  Even though some of these areas might seem focused more on the personal side of our lives, rest assured that they completely affect your business too. And isn’t it such a beautiful world to live in where we can allow our businesses to help us grow. Let Go to Love Letting go and trusting others... Read More

Ready, Set, Reinvent

July 7th, 2010

Reinvention. To remake or redo completely. Are you ready to pour your heart and soul into a business and then go back to the drawing board repeatedly? In my experience, you will need to reinvent your personal and business image, your website brand, your infoproducts and much more, every few years. In business, reinvention is what helps you stand out against the competition. My hope is that the creative side of reinvention excites you as it does me. I need to reinvent to keep me interested. If I didn\’t get to reinvent my companies, I would be completely bored with them and they would not... Read More

The Power of Focusing on Transformation

June 11th, 2010

Want to know my favorite business building secret? Focus on transformation. The true way to create positive change in the world is to focus on the transformation of others. When you help other reach positive results in their lives and businesses, you also win. Money is actually not the reason at all that people do or do not buy something. Money becomes relative in business when you focus on transformation. Said another way, when people really want the transformation you are selling, the price melts away. They will actually pay whatever you tell them to pay if they need the transformation you provide. Most... Read More

The Road to Authenticity is Through Awareness

May 12th, 2010

Authenticity or the state of being real not only feels good, is easy to manage (let\’s face it, you don\’t have to remember who you were pretending to be!) and more importantly, it leads to new levels of awareness and growth. When you are willing to just be yourself in your relationships (business and otherwise) everyone wins because the energy vibration is much higher. When we give into the expectations of others, we begin to die. So authenticity is really about being faithful to the internal rather than external. So many of my customers and yours really want to do business with people... Read More

Trusting What You Can Not See

April 12th, 2010

(Excerpted from Smart Women Know Their Why-Pub. Date June 2010) Faith is a big part of living a successful life and being a successful entrepreneur. My secret is deciding to have faith in myself more than any type of external force. Notice I said the word “decision” because that is where it starts. My journey has taught me that I always intuitively know which direction to head next and when I look to find answers outside of myself, I always end up off the path a bit. It took me until I was well into my thirties to be able to trust others because of not having established trust in any... Read More

3 Ways Women Can Embody Male Energy in Their Businesses and Increase Their Profits

March 15th, 2010

One of the best things about starting and growing a business is how much you get to grow as a person. Taking a business from start-up to six-figures and way beyond requires a lot of energy-specifically female and male energy. As with all things in the universe, balance is again the key. In business, you will reach profits faster when you can embody both female and male energy in your business. As a married women with four children and the coach to hundreds of women and men over the last decade, I have been observing the differences between men and women (and boys and girls too) and I love asking... Read More