Reinvention. To remake or redo completely. Are you ready to pour your heart and soul into a business and then go back to the drawing board repeatedly? In my experience, you will need to reinvent your personal and business Image, your website brand, your infoproducts and much more, every few years.

In business, reinvention is what helps you stand out against the competition. My hope is that the creative side of reinvention excites you as it does me. I need to reinvent to keep me interested. If I didn\’t get to reinvent my companies, I would be completely bored with them and they would not be profitable at all.

Here are a few areas (and time frames) you should consider as avenues of ongoing reinvention. Remember that there is less competition at the top and you always want to lead.

  • Personal branding, such as your bio and pictures (minimum of once a year)
  • Complete update and redesign of website (minimum of once every two years)
  • Information products (minimum of once a year)
  • Product and service offerings (minimum of once a year)

Over the last 10 years, I have literally created hundreds of new promotions, reinvented my websites at least a few dozen times, updated my information products at least once a year, and reinvented my personal brand a few dozen times, too. My customers have always responded with enthusiasm and each time we upleveled our companies in some way, we always increased our revenues.

Simply put, your customers want to see you invest time and money in reinventing or updating your solutions in order to continually invest in you to solve their problems.

Are you a reinventor?

When I reflect back on my life, I realize that reinvention has always been exciting to me and I believe is one of the reasons I have been so successful. However, early on, when I was jumping from one entrepreneurial adventure to another, I felt more like a failure than someone who was reinventing. For a few months each, I sold Avon and then Discovery Toys. As a single mom, I even started my own very profitable in-home daycare called, SMILES Learning Center. But my heart wasn\’t in it and I kept finding myself back in start-up again and again in new businesses. Sound familiar, anyone?

Now, I get it, that reinvention is in my DNA. So, once you find a smart business model like I did, stay in that business model and pour all of your reinvention energy into that one business. That is how you achieve success.

Other hints of my “branding reinvention DNA” go as far back as first grade when I changed the pronunciation of my name to “Sher-ee” instead of “Sheri” (which is how it is still spelled today). My mom moved us a lot and when we moved to my new school, I just decided that when I enrolled again, I would tell them to pronounce my name a different way. It worked! And my mother, who was always in the middle of her bipolar chaos, just went along with it. Talk about early reinvention. I must have known intuitively that Sheri Lynn Keys just didn\’t work for me.

Earlier this year, my inner circle client, Daria Boissonnas, e-mailed me and told me some interesting trivia about the way I pronounce my name now. She said it is also like the Hindu girl\’s name “Shri” (pronounced “Sher-ee”), meaning luminous beauty. And it can also mean Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, light, wisdom, and fortune, as well as luck, beauty, and fertility. So, because of the uniquely beautiful way I pronounced my name, it means: wisdom, luminous beauty, light, wealth, fortune, luck, and fertility. Yep, that sounds like me! I often wonder what if? What if I had never been so bold at six years old to reinvent myself? Maybe my whole life would have turned out completely differently had I never literally changed the meaning of my name.

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