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Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon

Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon Kindle Edition Author:  Paola Gianturco Reviewed by:  Anne Holmes for the NABBW This is a wonderful book full of dazzling and powerful photos!  But it is more than a “coffeetable book.” Grandmother Power is a potent collection of  beautifully-written, sensitive stories — accompanied by stunningly fine images. It will make […]

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Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor’s Story

Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor’s Story Lynn C. Tolson http://beyondthetears.blogspot.com/ Reviewed by Anne Holmes for the NABBW This is one of those “can’t put it down” thrillers. It even begins with a “dark and stormy night:” “That night, December 20, 1978, the radio reported the most rain in Phoenix in one hundred years. Broadcasters […]

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Changing Shoes: Getting Older – Not Old – with Style, Humor and Grace

Changing Shoes: Getting Older – Not Old – with Style, Humor and Grace Author: Tina Sloan http://www.changingshoes.com Reviewed by: Anne Holmes for NABBW While many women hide signs of aging with tight clothes, heavy makeup and plastic surgery, 67-year old Guiding Light legend Tina Sloan learned to welcome each phase of her life with effortless […]

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Women, Wealth & Giving – The Virtuous Legacy of the Boomer Generation

Author: Margaret May Damen, Niki N. McCuistionwww.womenwealthandgiving.com/ Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson Authors Damen and McCuistion wrote this book for two audiences: Baby boomer women who want to create a formalized and strategic giving plan, and fundraisers and development officers who need to better understand the giving culture of women boomers. The authors draw on their […]

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How\’d All These Ping Pong Balls Get in My Bag?

Author: Leigh Anne Jashewaywww.accidentalcomic.com Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson Good things come in small packages and so it is with author Leigh Anne Jasheway\’s latest book, “How\’d All These Ping Pong Balls Get in My Bag!? – The Stressed-Out Woman\’s Guide to Letting Go with Laughter.” Known in humor circles as a “laugh master,” Jasheway has […]

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Saving the Best for Last

Author: Jean Peelenhttp://jeanpeelen.com/ Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson When the student is ready, the teacher will come… I’ll admit it. When asked to review this book my first thought was, “Oh great, another self-help book.” I love it when I’m wrong. While Saving the Best for Last is a self-help book, this book surpasses all expectations, […]

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Marrying George Clooney: Confessions of a Midlife Crisis

Author: Amy Ferrismarryinggeorgeclooney.com/blog Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson Reading warning: Hold on to your sensitivities as you ride with author Amy Ferris on her menopausal journey in Marrying George Clooney. It isn\’t for the faint of heart. In this book, the overuse of expletives reminds me of a potentially good meal…too much salt and you might […]

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The Blue Cotton Gown: A Midwife\’s Memoir

Author: Patricia Harmanwww.patriciaharman.com Reviewed By: Dotsie Bregel Patricia Harman is a nurse midwife in her husband\’s gynecology practice, so you must realize that not only are you getting up close and personal with her teen through 80 year-old patients, but you also get a behind the scenes glimpse of what it\’s like to own a […]

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