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The Truth About The Top Five Industry Myths Regarding Medicare

July 24th, 2018

By Lindsay Engle for the NABBW   Medicare has been in existence for over 50 years, but there are still plenty of myths concerning the program. Created in 1965, Medicare was intended to make health care accessible for Americans over age 65. The program continues today, and offers many benefits to seniors. Have you been led to believe any of these common myths about Medicare? Everyone Pays the Same for Medicare Most Medicare enrollees will not have to pay a premium for Part A. Part B’s premium is $134. However, these amounts can vary depending on a number of factors including your income,... Read More

Anti-Age the Brain by Learning a New Language

April 23rd, 2015

By Kerry Baker for the NABBW Learning a second language has the same benefits to the brain as programs for purchase, such as Lumosity. New, often free tools make learning a new language easier and much more fun. Last year, in pursuit of re-invention and to preserve my next egg, I decided to move to Mazatlan, Mexico. While Spanish is not required to live here, I love the language and began its study in earnest after being away from it for 30 years. In addition to the greater ease in navigating my new environment, I was delighted to read evidence that learning a second language  protects your brain... Read More

Baby Boomer Women and The Four Keys to Weight Loss

October 23rd, 2012

Baby Boomer Women and The Four Keys to Weight Loss By Sue Stevenson, Ph.D. As a Baby Boomer woman I understand that over the years the demands of career, family, and daily life too often mean that our health and wellness, our time to take care of ourselves, can get lost in the shuffle. It is so easy to put off doing things for ourselves by saying, “I don\’t have time for that right now”, or “I\’ll get around to that sometime”. Whether you have had trouble losing the extra weight and keeping it off with dieting or if weight has just crept up on you the dilemma... Read More

Can A Busy Person Be Healthy Too?

October 23rd, 2012

Can A Busy Person Be Healthy Too? By Susanne Warren If you\’re concerned with remaining healthy and fit, you\’re probably reading articles on a regular basis that encourage you to do things like work out six days a week, eat more home-cooked meals, and meditate on a daily basis. But if you\’ve got a full-time job, a long commute, kids, and a home to care for, you may be thinking, “When am I supposed to sleep?” You know, of course, that you need to do that too! On top of all your responsibilities, you may feel stressed by all the things you\’re supposed to... Read More

Reflexology for Total Health

December 19th, 2011

Reflexology for Total Health By Lis Kunzi Foot massage is not new to the human race. There is strong evidence that a form of therapy, similar to what we call reflexology today, have been practiced for centuries, by many diverse cultures. The oldest documentation depicting reflexology was discovered in Egypt. A pictograph dated around 2500 – 2330 BC show an Egyptian physician working on two men. The hieroglyphic reads. Patients: “Do not hurt me” Practitioner: “I shall act so you praise me”. Reflexology is an ancient non-invasive healing art. This therapy falls into... Read More

Weight Loss Tips for Post-Menopausal Women

December 8th, 2011

Weight Loss Tips for Post-Menopausal Women By Susan Schenck I am post menopausal, nearly 56 years old, and have achieved my ideal weight of 122 pounds and maintained it for three years. Here are a few tips I have learned on my journey: Add a teaspoon of cinnamon to whatever you are eating. It helps control the release of insulin, the hormone that tells the body to store fat. Fill yourself up with a vegetable salad before you eat your main meal. Nonstarchy vegetables such as cucumbers, asparagus, lettuce, celery, and more are actually negative in calories (since they stimulate the body to burn... Read More

Free Fall

December 23rd, 2010

Free Fall By Marilyn Slaby One of our boomer neighbors took a spill early this fall.  He was hurrying down the street and looking at his cell phone as he walked.  He stepped off the curb and went face-down in the street where he lay for 30 minutes until someone saw him.  He jammed the vertebrae in his neck and couldn’t feel his fingers or move his arms thereby making it impossible to dial for help. He was in the hospital for a few days before coming home with a neck brace, and faces possible surgery – to be determined once the swelling goes down.  His fall has impacted his life greatly;... Read More

Trouble Sleeping? It Might Be Menopause

December 14th, 2010

Trouble Sleeping? It Might Be Menopause By Karen Giblin and Jo Anne Turner Menopause results into trouble sleeping for so many women. We wake up too many times in the night to go to the bathroom. Our restless legs wake us up. As our hormones continue to shift (typically declining) beginning with peri-menopause throughout menopause and post-menopause, we experience more hot flashes and night sweats that interrupt our nightly rest. Even small amounts of light and noise can wake us up and stimulate our nervous system making it difficult to fall back to sleep.  All of these things can leave us feeling... Read More

Weight Gain – The Really Good News

June 28th, 2010

Tired of being lectured about the virtues of losing weight? So many dire predictions, so many difficult to-do lists. New findings say we can lighten up a bit. Yes, obesity is definitely terrible for your health, and exercise is definitely a good thing. However, a nice little 10 –15 pounds extra is not be so bad. It may even have some advantages. If you’re 10-15 pounds over the norm, here’s the good news. Compared to your skinny girlfriend: You’re no more likely to die of cancer or cardiovascular disease. In your 70’s, you have a reduced risk of dying over a 10-year period. (Both obese... Read More

The Top Women\’s Health Concerns and How to Prevent Them

June 8th, 2010

In 2004, the U.S. Center for Disease Control published the top ten leading causes of death in females. The good news is that many are preventable with a healthy, active lifestyle. What are the major risks for women, and how can you prevent them? You are taking an important first step in enjoying a long, healthy life by taking a look at the answers to these questions. Here are the three biggest health risks and some solutions to prevent them. First, heart disease is responsible for 27.2% of deaths in females. According to the Women\’s Heart Foundation, 8.6 million women worldwide die from... Read More