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7 Ways to Market Online Using How To Articles

June 11th, 2007

As the President of the Association of Web Entrepreneurs I help entrepreneurs create systems and automate their online businesses so that they can make more money and enjoy more freedom in their lives. To do this, I teach them only the most effective online marketing techniques, and article marketing is one of them. Here are my 7 favorite ways (and a checklist for you) to market online using how to articles. Don\’t worry about writing completely new articles for each of these; just reuse your articles. To be more productive, create a system and schedule a day for writing and a day for posting... Read More

The FOCUS Marketing Method

May 11th, 2007

Entrepreneurs and small business owners know they need to market their business to make more money and attract more customers, but they often don\’t know how to go about it. That\’s why my FOCUS MarketingTM Method is such a powerful tool. It gives you specific techniques to make your marketing efforts pay off. “F” is for Filtered. Concentrate on targeting people in a specific niche market to attract your ideal clients-those people who you serve well and who you are most alike. Think about what types of people you best identify with and what life experiences, interests,... Read More

7 Tips For Your Writing And Publishing Success

April 9th, 2007

Create Accountability I have found that accountability is the key to my production. Plans are also crucial to my getting large projects completed on time. Planning helps me alleviate the overwhelmed feeling that we all experience. I personally do not get a lot of writing done if I wait for the muse. I also find that if you “have to” make money at something, you find a way to accomplish that goal one way or another. For this reason, the National Association of Women Writers (NAWW) created a coaching program for nonfiction book writers that offers this accountability, plus a manual that... Read More