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The Leverage Triangle

April 14th, 2008

The Three Elements Have you heard me talk about the Leverage Triangle yet? As entrepreneurs and pursuers of our dreams and passions, we all have 3 elements to work with when we start a business: Time, Expertise, and Money. Most of us have very little of each of these in the beginning of our journey-but as we grow our business or our dream of any kind, we begin to have more of each and thus more leverage. And interestingly enough–successful individuals learn to leverage other people\’s time, expertise and money too. And when we do that, we often help other people reach their dreams.... Read More

Accomplishing Your Dreams Requires Balance

March 11th, 2008

Achieving balance in our lives is accomplished by saying no when we need to and learning to set priorities. And we cannot achieve balance without understanding what our particular needs are. Balance is different for everyone. It means that you have identified your priorities and have not overextended yourself. Balance means you are aware of the dangers of burnout. Balance means that when asked the question, “Are you happy?” you can answer yes. The following are 4 core values I use to live a balanced life and achieve my dreams easier. One–No Guilt Allowed One of the biggest struggles... Read More

How-To Create A Book Marketing Plan (The Smart Way)

February 15th, 2008

Marketing plans are great guides for business owners. And a book marketing plan is the specific tool you will use to find and create places to sell your book(s). Consider these six areas when developing your marketing plan. The Audience: Who did I write this book for? Make sure you narrow your focus and target specific groups. Try to network with networks instead of one-on-one. The Product: What kind of book is this? Check out your competition; see what the latest trends are with books similar to yours. One current trend is to sell your how-to book at the end of free how-to teleseminars. The... Read More

How To Create Passionate Connections In Business and In Life

January 15th, 2008

Do you feel validated? I heard Oprah once say that she thinks everyone on this earth has one basic need-to be validated. I know when I started the National Assn of Women Writers it was because I needed to find other women who loved to write and create like me. I needed to learn with them and laugh with them because I yearned for the validation that I would receive as I in turn validated the writers too. Little did I realize at the time how many women all over the world needed their goals and dreams affirmed just as I did. I too believe that validation or passionate connections as I like to call... Read More

Creating Your Healthy Money Mindset

December 10th, 2007

Your money mindset allows you to dream big and live your passion in this life in three ways. One: Believing in Abundance Right now you believe many goals are attainable and many are not. The way we were raised and our current environment dictate our beliefs and unless we are challenged and taught to believe differently, we stay stuck. Today, open up your mind to abundance. Take a financial goal and rewrite it in an abundant mindset. Try to make yourself believe that you can accomplish it even if there is a nagging voice saying “no way!” Then put it where you can see it every day.... Read More

Feng Shui Organizing- Use the “Natural Forces of the Universe” to Organize Your Life

November 15th, 2007

What is Feng Shui? When translated into English, feng shui means “the way of the wind and water” or “the natural forces of the universe.” People all over the world practice a form of feng shui. Europeans call it “geomancy,” while Hawaiians and Native Americans practice their own form of feng shui. To organize your life using feng shui, it is helpful to learn more about the elements of our earth as well as the basic principles of feng shui. Using the Elements The Chinese believe everything in the world belongs to one of five elements–they are: water, wood,... Read More

How To Get Ahead In The World Of Publishing

October 15th, 2007

I love networking with potential customers, organizations, and yes, even vendors. It is fun to share what you learn with others and you never know where your next customer is coming from. Here are some of my favorite business/publishing techniques I have learned so far… use them and you will “get ahead” too! Determine where your target market goes and then go sell your products at that location. I have found that businesswomen love our products and services more than writers! I would never have targeted businesswomen over women writers, but over and over again, businesswomen... Read More

Five Things You MUST Do In Order To Sell Your Books

September 14th, 2007

Want to sell more books? Learn from an expert the five things you must do in order to achieve your goals. 1. You Must Find YOUR Market Hopefully before you even wrote your book, you sat down and mapped out who your potential customers were. If you didn\’t, don\’t waste any more of your time selling books to people who don\’t want them. Knowing your audience before you write your book creates focus. Figure out who is most likely to read your book. If cat lovers are your market, don\’t bother wasting your time with all animal lovers. Spend your marketing efforts and budget... Read More

How To Stay Motivated – 3 Easy Tips for Sustaining Your Passion

August 9th, 2007

1) Find a Natural Sanctuary Stimulate the Senses By far, one of the best ways to stay motivated and to sustain your passion (no matter what it is) is to get outside and walk or jog or run. Our bodies and our brains need to be stimulated and nothing does this better than nature. Nature is vivid. The sounds and textures and smells will help you come alive. And by physically moving in nature, you will stimulate your body even more. Once your senses become stimulated, your brain will start to give you answers to personal and/or business questions. Your body will also become programmed to generate... Read More

How To Tap Into Your Brilliance

July 11th, 2007

As a practicing writer, do you sometimes feel like you have nothing to write or like it takes forever to create even one well written sentence? And then after all the hard work it took to create a powerful sentence, article, or book-you then struggle to get motivated to do it all over again. Writing doesn\’t have to be this hard. You can learn to Tap Into Your Brilliance easier, faster, and with more excitement! Creating A Supportive Environment Writing partners are a must. More than anything else, a writing buddy or partner will allow you to be validated on a consistent basis. Not just... Read More