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The Power of Journaling – Article 6 (part 1) in a Series

April 4th, 2011

The Power of Journaling – Article 6 (part 1) in a Series By Erica Miner NABBW’s Journaling Expert Greetings, Boomers! Today let’s talk about equipment. No, I’m not getting up close and personal here. I mean journaling equipment, of course. Believe it or not, the tools you choose to use to journal with will have a major influence on whether or not you actually try your hand at journaling and how successful and consistent you will be. If you’re skeptical, just keep reading and work with me. Journaling can be anything from pleasant to downright cathartic, but overall it’s a gratifying... Read More

The Power of Journaling: Article 5 of a Series

February 12th, 2011

The Power of Journaling: Article 5 of a Series By Erica Miner NABBW’s Journaling Expert Greetings, Boomers! Happy New Year! And what better way to start a year than with journaling? (I could use the word “resolution” here, but you didn’t hear it from me.) It’s always a good time to start something new, but the coming of a brand-new year leaves us virtually no excuses not to start journaling. Let’s start with a brief recap of why journaling is so beneficial. Journaling embraces everything from life tool to lifesaver. It can help you capture treasured memories; chronicle the pain... Read More

The Power of Journaling: Article 4 in a Series

December 14th, 2010

The Power of Journaling: Part 4 in a Series By Erica Miner NABBW’s Journaling Expert Greetings, Boomers! This month, let’s talk about writing a book. Seriously, you ask? I can write a book? I truly, passionately believe there is a book in everyone. Journaling is a powerful way of creating that book. In fact, journaling is the best way to search for it, find it and WRITE it. All you need is the desire and the motivation. The former originates with you. The latter, hopefully, will come from me. Let’s start with some favorite quotes to get your creative juices flowing. First, from prolific... Read More

Emerging Voices

November 19th, 2010

Emerging Voices Author: Laurel D. Rund http://essenceoflaurel.com/ Reviewed by: Anne Holmes for the NABBW Emerging Voices is a compilation of Laurel D. Rund\’s original artwork and inspirational poetry that speaks to the many faces of loss and/or life transitions. Written after the death of her husband, Laurel says the book’s purpose is to encourage the reader to record her own thoughts and feelings. Which is why the book includes a unique feature: blank journal pages after each selection. There are 14 poem-artwork pairings here, which deal with some of the hardest moments in our lives,... Read More

Your High Risk Pregnancy: A Practical and Supportive Guide

September 30th, 2010

Your High Risk Pregnancy: A Practical and Supportive Guide Author:  Diana M. Raab, MFA, RN with Errol Norwitz, MD http://dianaraab.com/nonfiction.html Reviewed by:  Anne Holmes for the NABBW When the core of this book was originally released in 1987 (under the title, “Getting Pregnant and Staying Pregnant: A Guide to High‐Risk Pregnancies“) it was a pioneering title.  I know, because I’d actually searched for a book of this type ten years earlier during my first of two high-risk pregnancies, and had it existed, my old copy would be dog-eared, sticky-noted and full of underlining... Read More

The Power of Journaling – Part 2

September 22nd, 2010

By Erica Miner Article 2 of series Greetings, Boomers! In my first article I discussed why journaling is such a powerful tool, and why it is so beneficial for everyone. As I mentioned previously, the reasons for journaling, as well as the different types of techniques out there, are almost limitless. What I’d like to discuss today are all the reasons not to journal, and then to give you some exercises for overcoming what I like to call “journaling resistance.” One of the reasons we don’t journal is because “life” gets in the way. We’re all so occupied with our work, our home lives,... Read More

Mid-Life Rehab

September 13th, 2010

Fifty, an age blessed with knowledge, but burdened with the collection of good and bad experiences, is simultaneously a powerful, yet fragile age. Some accumulated trauma goes so deep it is a part of our physiology, affecting what we do and how we feel. The fast darting of cars can rekindle the horror of a forgotten automobile accident, triggering adrenaline that settles into muscle tissue as harmful lactic acid. The memory of experience is in our bodies, as well as our minds. A genuine Mid-Life Rehabilitation helps eliminate negative physic influences and enables us to enjoy healthier and happier... Read More