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Perfect Vegetable Gardens

January 9th, 2011

Perfect Vegetable Gardens By Deborah Clark NABBW’s Gardening Expert The dead of winter is one of the best gardening months. In fact, each winter, I create the perfect vegetable garden with rows of lush lettuce greens, bountiful bean bushes, tomato branches heavy with shiny fruit. And because these gardens have no squash borers, cabbage worms or Japanese beetles, I’m able to bestow surplus produce on anyone who’ll receive it. Although these gardens exist in my mind, they still require some effort and a good deal of planning. It starts with getting on the mailing lists for some good... Read More

Consider Fall Leaf Color When Choosing Your Next Plantings

December 14th, 2010

Consider Fall Leaf Color When Choosing Your Next Plantings By Deborah Clark NABBW’s Gardening Associate Close your eyes and imagine a bed of tulips – translucent reds, saturated yellows, crayon bright oranges. Imagine the sun shining through these tulips, making them appear as  colored lights. Imagine these tulips 40, 50, 100 feet tall, a woods of tulips lining the road and you’re in a car driving through them on a beautiful, clear autumn day. What you’re driving through is an Eastern forest of oak and maple, ash and beech, tulip poplars and sycamores in the fall. Fall leaves are like... Read More

Why Not Plant the Adaptable, Dependable Chrysanthemum in Your Garden This Fall?

October 31st, 2010

The Adaptable, Dependable Chrysanthemum By Deborah Clark In my inaugural garden post, I thought I’d start by talking about one of the most reliable late-blooming perennials in much of the United States, the garden mum (whose botanical name is chrysanthemum morifolium).  Its yellows, oranges, reds, rusts and purples echo the colors of autumn leaves and have come to symbolize fall. The plant is so reliable, so ubiquitous, and so easy to grow that we often overlook its long and distinguished heritage. Besides being good exercise and good therapy, gardening is also way to learn about the world... Read More