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Movement Is A Pillar of Self-Care for Ageless Wellness

May 6th, 2019

By Shirley Meerson, CHWC, NABBW’s Associate for the Ageless Wellness Lifestyle Have you let your self-care habits drop off because your mind is fixed on other important matters? Are you getting any exercise or doing enough exercise? Movement is life. And without it – people tend to age harshly. Staying fit is a big key to holistic beauty. Studies show that exercising can actually slow down the aging process! Now is the time to ignite your fitness. What’s more important than to get moving again? With exercise comes flexibility, strength and confidence in your body. If you want to stay... Read More

A Simple Walk

October 2nd, 2013

A Simple Walk By Tracey Barnes Priestley On a recent weekday, I found myself with an unexpected two-hour lunch break. What to do? The obvious choice would have been to tackle my bills but one look outside and I knew that wasn’t going to happen. The sun was brilliant and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The answer was obvious. I’d dash home, change clothes, hitch up the dog, and we’d have a glorious walk in the sunshine. Was I really considering such an irresponsible choice? I had a brief pang of guilt and quickly double-checked my decision. Paying bills vs. the countryside on a sunny afternoon?... Read More

Reduce Arthritis Pain With These 5 Exercises

February 21st, 2012

Reduce Arthritis Pain With These 5 Exercises By Lisa Byrne, B.S Exercise Sciences | Certified Pilates Instructor NABBW’s Boomer Women\’s Fitness Expert All this talk about functional fitness, but first, what\’s even functional living? Functional living is being able to move how you want, when you want. You don\’t want to be limited to one direction, or avoiding this move or that move. Stiff and achey joints can slow you down so much that you don\’t even want to exercise. But remember, the health of every joint matters. That means your large joints like hips and... Read More

Walk this Way

December 29th, 2011

Walk this Way By Jan Cullinane NABBW’s Expert on The New Retirement We\’re not talking about the Aerosmith song, we\’re talking about pole walking. Walking is the most popular exercise, and for people who can\’t or don\’t want to play tennis, jog, or exercise in more strenuous ways, or those with knee, back, or other aching or injured joints, pole walking might be the perfect choice for those looking for a low impact, more aerobic, more effective workout. Pole walking (also known as Nordic walking) has been around for 80 years or more, and is believed to have developed... Read More

Make Resolutions Stick

December 24th, 2011

Make Resolutions Stick By Jan Cullinane NABBW’s Expert on The New Retirement FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE – HAPPY NEW YEAR! How many of us, when that ball is dropping, vow we will eat healthier/exercise more/be nicer/stop smoking/read more…you know the drill. There are a few ways to improve the chances that we\’ll keep our resolutions, at least beyond the first few weeks. People who actually keep their resolutions tend to share some common strategies. They: Make their goal specific. Example: Use the SMART acronym (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Sensitive).... Read More

For Weight Control, There\’s Only One Formula

September 13th, 2011

For Weight Control, There\’s Only One Formula By Janet Brill, Ph.D., R.D., LDN NABBW’s Healthy Heart Lifestyle Expert South Beach to Sonoma, eat every 3 hours or exercise for just 8 minutes: what\’s the best advice for a lifetime of weight control? You can\’t fit into your favorite pair of jeans and stepping on the scale is simply out of the question for fear of the psychological ramifications. It\’s time to take control of the situation and lose weight. Should you run to Barnes and Nobles to buy the latest diet book to solve your never-ending battle of the bulge?... Read More

Get Real and Get Moving… Now!

July 6th, 2011

Get Real and Get Moving… Now! By Lisa Byrne, B.S Exercise Sciences | Certified Pilates Instructor NABBW’s Boomer Women\’s Fitness Expert When the New York Times showcases a health and fitness article I like to skim the comments. No matter how brilliant, mind changing, eye opening or informational the article seems, comments tell the real story. If you listento the feedback, you hear the people. I\’ve noticed that many an author falls short in relating their \’breaking story\’ to regular folk. Not high performance athletes. Not those already fit. And certainly... Read More

Fall Into Fitness

September 22nd, 2010

The fitness profession regards September as one of the three months that stand out for people to re-commit to exercise, get in shape and begin a new program (January and May are the others). September is one of the best months to refocus and reinvent some aspect of yourself. Why? For a few reasons. Whether or not you have children tapping into the back to school tide and energy are hard to miss. With the energy shift of entering a new grade kids surely have butterflies, but the eagerness of a new beginning fills the air. Greeting the new grade they can refocus their intentions with a whole new... Read More