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Breast cancer

Rare Cancers in Women and Children Caused by Exposure to Toxic Household Items

Written for the NABBW by Kimberly Cruz-Montalvo, Community Outreach Representative for www.mesotheliomaguide.com  When women and children are dolling themselves up, the last thing they expect is to be introducing a dangerous carcinogen into their bodies. Unfortunately, many families are unknowingly putting themselves at risk by using asbestos-contaminated products. Talc Products and Asbestos Exposure Many talc based […]

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The Power of Journaling: Article 5 of a Series

The Power of Journaling: Article 5 of a Series By Erica Miner NABBW’s Journaling Expert Greetings, Boomers! Happy New Year! And what better way to start a year than with journaling? (I could use the word “resolution” here, but you didn’t hear it from me.) It’s always a good time to start something new, but […]

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Breast Cancer: No One Chose This Journey

Breast Cancer: No One Chose This Journey Author:  Fran Padgett http://franpadgett.com Reviewed by: Anne Holmes for the NABBW This beautiful book, a compilation of 30 poignant breast cancer survivor stories visually supported by author Fran Padgett\’s stunning, original works of art, is her tribute to all women who have been “chosen by breast cancer,” as […]

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