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Mother of the Bridge/Groom

One of my readers submitted a suggestion recently… Dear Sherrie “I finally have both your books and have read and re-read them. I\’m so glad that I can copy certain styles (looking at the models who have a similar body shape to mine), colors (thanks for including redheads – we\’re often overlooked), and combinations/accessories. If […]

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To cut, or to grow?

“To cut, or to grow?” that is the question…..in considering your hair style (and thereby influence your whole image!). In “Growing Pains” Kennedy Fraser (Vogue, Dec 2009, p174) “recalls the chapters of her life through the cuts that defined her—and the long hair she dreamed of again.” Interestingly in one of the last issues of […]

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It may feel counter-intuitive-but –

“Putting on the Best Face, Naturally” by Ruth La Ferla in the NY Times..Friday, September 25, 2009…began this way At New York Fashion Week, the wizards of the hair and makeup worlds turned their backs on the sumptuously lacquered looks of fall, approaching the new season with a lighter hand. To reinforce looks that ranged […]

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Do we love short shorts?

Do we love short shorts? Or is the discussion about something more important than the-long-or-the-short of it?….. What\’s it all about when we discuss Michelle Obama\’s wearing short shorts and their appropriateness? The Huffington Post had thousands of votes and opinions on it. WOW! Here\’s my two cents worth. First–I have to sympathize with any […]

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