Thursday - August 13, 2020


Shirley Meerson

Shirley Meerson is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach (CHWC), Lifestyle Writer, and Natural Healing Educator.  Shirley has dedicated her life to guiding and inspiring others to choose health.  She has a passion for holistic health, stress management, and healing technologies that spans over three decades in 12 countries.

Kick stress to the curb, overactive thoughts, mood swings, sleep deprivation, poor eating habits, and more.  Live your life and forget your age, it’s a mindset.

Shirley offers 1:1 online and in-person coaching with those who want to learn her Ageless Wellness Method. She also creates bespoke health events and travels as a specialist to business retreats, hotels, resorts, spas, and wellness facilities.

You can learn more about Shirley Meerson, Ageless Wellness Coach & Lifestyle Writer over at SHIRLEYMEERSON.COM

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