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An Often Overlooked Step in Information Product Development

December 29th, 2009

Many experts enhance their product offerings with high quality services. Regardless of what you make available to your market, you need to take one very important step. Before you invest time, money or effort into product development make sure you understand the needs of your market. You must have enough information to address these needs. The more you know the more focused you will be on what solutions you create by way of products and services. Pay attention to what your customers/clients are asking for. You can determine what your market wants by studying your own market, studying your competitors’... Read More

Are you still singing “The Economy is Slow” Blues?

December 29th, 2009

Over the last few days I have had several conversations with friends and clients about their businesses. Many are thrilled with the fact business is picking up while others immediately go into, “The economy is still slow. That\’s why my business isn\’t picking up.” For some, The Economy is Slow song may be one they have been singing for so long they don\’t even realize how often they might be affirming this way of thinking. The fact is, in many industries things are picking up. For some of us, we never felt a dip at all in the last year. Actually, there are some entrepreneurs... Read More

30 Days to a New You Teleseminar

December 15th, 2009

NABBW December Teleseminar (FOR MEMBERS ONLY) 30 Days to a New Your! with Monica Magnetti www.lunacoaching.com Author of 30 Days to a New You Tuesday, December 15, 2010 at 3:00 PM (EST) Join this essential self-development teleclass, which is an introductory seminar to the E-Course offered (see details below) in January 2010, led by life/business/wellness coach Monica Magnetti. This teleseminar is based on her book 30 DAYS TO A NEW YOU: Get What You Want Through Authentic Change, as she gives step-by-step proven, breakthrough processes that will transform you into the woman who gets what she wants.... Read More

12 Steps for a Stress-Free Holiday

December 14th, 2009

Do you feel like Clark W. Griswold in Christmas Vacation trying to make a perfect holiday and stumbling through mishaps? We all seem to face the challenge of juggling our time effectively during the hectic holiday season with having to carry on our normal activities plus shop, wrap, cook, clean, bake, decorate, travel, etc. However, Joanie Winberg, CEO and Founder of the National Association of Divorce for Women and Children (www.NADWC.org) has several holiday solutions for you. Enjoy this holiday season with these tips and suggestions to manage your time and feel more relaxed, happy and joyous: Practice... Read More

6 Secrets to Relieving Vaginal Dryness During Menopause

December 14th, 2009

Vaginal Dryness happens to many women as they age and reach menopause. With time the mucus membranes within the walls of the vagina begin to get thinner and lose elasticity. Estrogen production in the ovaries is less and may cause thinning of the vaginal lining. In itself this does not normally cause any problem – unless the lining of the vagina becomes inflamed and dry in which case it becomes very painful. Vaginal dryness is medically known as \’atrophic vaginitis,\’ and it sounds like a disease, though it is not. It can be overcome with simple remedies, such as, a good nutritional... Read More

Maybe Scrooge was Right

December 14th, 2009

Thirteen percent. That number should make you pause if you manage staff, lead a group, or own a business. It\’s a number recently released from an on-line survey reported by Reuters. According to Right Management, a subsidiary of Manpower Inc, only thirteen percent of employees surveyed said they “planned to stay in their current positions.” Two-thirds reported they\’re looking to change jobs in 2010, and another twenty-one percent indicated they\’re networking now, just in case. Pent-up frustrations and workplace treatment during the economic downturn were the primary... Read More

Viagra for Women? Could the Little Blue Pill Be Right for You?

December 14th, 2009

Millions of middle-aged men have used Viagra in order to improve erections and enhance their sex lives. Ever since the drug was first released in 1998 there has been talk about the possible benefits for women suffering from sexual dysfunction. Certainly Pfizer (and other pharmaceutical companies) would like to expand their sales to the other half of the human population. Once a prescription drug is approved for at least one indication, physicians are free to prescribe it for any other disorders or symptoms for which they believe it would be effective, a practice called off-label prescribing.... Read More

Preposterous Portions: One Reason for the Obesity Epidemic

December 14th, 2009

We\’ve heard the scary statistics about the expanding waistlines of the American public – a 2009 CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) study reports that a third of adults and 16% of children are obese. Proposed culprits include TV, the Internet, inactivity, viruses, lack of sleep, easy availability of fast food, heavy friends, genetics, side effects of medicine, hormonal issues, air conditioning (it\’s too comfortable inside to go outside), safety concerns that keep people within their homes, companies that manipulate fat, salt, and sugar in foods that make us crave high-calorie... Read More

Ask the (Zen) Organizer ™ – Looking Ahead to the New Year

December 14th, 2009

Ask the (Zen) Organizer tm Newspapers, magazines and the airwaves will be filled this month with ways to save this holiday season. In “One Year to an Organized Life,” I devote the lion share of instruction in December to just these issues. In this forum, I\’d like to take a peek at something else that may be on your mind: looking ahead to the New Year. It beckons to us like a blank piece of paper, inviting us to create something fresh, new, nurturing and inventive in place of our current reality. While it\’s easy to dream about a fresh start, it\’s very often difficult to... Read More

To cut, or to grow?

December 14th, 2009

“To cut, or to grow?” that is the question…..in considering your hair style (and thereby influence your whole image!). In “Growing Pains” Kennedy Fraser (Vogue, Dec 2009, p174) “recalls the chapters of her life through the cuts that defined her—and the long hair she dreamed of again.” Interestingly in one of the last issues of Vogue I noted a group photo of new models. Almost all (with just a few exceptions) had long flowing tresses. It truly seems a symbol of youth! Never before has short-cropped hair been more a symbol of an older woman. And wearing it... Read More