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Making Minestrone in the Moment (While Dancing the Ideal Life)

April 28th, 2009

What makes a good minestrone soup is balance. First, one must consider the variety of vegetables and the amount you\’ll use. Second, vegetables need to be cut and sized so they complement each other. Then there\’s the right blend of spices and herbs; and, finally, its flavor is determined by how long you cook it. Balance these elements, and you\’ll get perfect minestrone every time. What makes a delicious person is very much like the minestrone formula. How a person assembles their particular variety of qualities—how each quality is proportioned among the others—determines... Read More

What Baby Boomer Women Want

April 23rd, 2009

Thirty-eight million baby boomer women are turning ages 45-63 in 2009. As little girls we lived the simpler life. Moms were at home caring for their children and husbands; dads worked nine to five and dinner was on the table at six. We jumped rope, played hop-scotch, married off Barbie and Ken, and played with out Hula Hoops and Slinkies. We practiced duck and cover drills and wore silver bracelets with our POW\’s name and birth date. We came of age during the women\’s movement and civil rights era. We protested Viet Nam while losing boyfriends in battle. Some of us burned our bras... Read More

Going Green – Saving Dollars While Saving the Environment

April 20th, 2009

NABBW APRIL TELESEMINAR Going Green – Saving Dollars While Saving the Environment Monday, April 20, 2009 3:00 p.m. EST with Diane MacEachern, author of Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World and NABBW “Going Green” Expert Best-selling author, successful entrepreneur, sought-after public speaker, and long-time conservationist, Diane MacEachern hopes to motivate women to take actions that will make a difference in their pocketbooks, AND the environment. As always, a Q&A will follow at the end. Here is a short list of ways that you can save while... Read More

How to Say NO and Still Be Liked

April 20th, 2009

Have you ever wondered “will you still like me if I say no?” How many times did you say yes when you really meant no, just to keep the peace? You are a good person and you can be counted on to say yes even when you mean NO!? Here\’s a radical thought for you, say YES to yourself. Here are ways to do this: Learn, notice and listen to your own inner guidance. Your body tells you when you are going against yourself. Signs come from your stomach growling, pain in your head or neck or a feeling of heaviness, are a few examples to recognize that you are going against your inner voice. Recognize... Read More

Real Romance On A Pillow

April 14th, 2009

When you are open to real romance as an every day part of your love life, often, what seems to be insignificant on first blush, takes on powerful meaning for both of you. Imagine it\’s early morning, and you have time to snuggle and cuddle with the one you love. (We write this from the point of view of a man, but it applies both ways.) Your lover rolls over and places her head on your shoulder and drapes her leg across yours. It\’s delicious! But you know she can\’t stay there very long, no matter how much she might want to, because the she will shortly become uncomfortable. Your... Read More


April 14th, 2009

Resist. Resist. Resist. That seems to be the congressional model these days. Whatever one party is for, the other is against. Before an idea makes it to the blogosphere, opposing party political pundits are railing against whatever approach or bill or stance was taken. Now before smugness gets the better of us, I\’d suggest we take a closer look. The against-it-resist-it road is alive and well in many workplaces, too. Of course the labels are different. It\’s not those Democrats or Republicans, it\’s those employees or that management; it\’s the boss or the workers; the... Read More

Celebrate FAILURE

April 14th, 2009

Our Lady of Weight Loss wants to know … … Are you afraid to commit to yourself fully? Are you terrified to lose weight, to fully take-in, ingest, go hog wild for your healthy living plan? Are you just plain afraid to push your envelope in any direction? Are you afraid to let the buried, the \’real\’ you – OUT? Afraid that you are going to fall on your tush again and again and eventually you will have broken it and seriously won\’t be able to get up? Are you afraid of failure? Great! You are NOT alone. Fear of Failure is the Number ONE KILLER of Grand Plans and... Read More

The Mighty Mitochondria

April 14th, 2009

Do you remember way back in high school Biology when we learned that mitochondria were nicknamed the “powerhouses of the cell”? We may have memorized that for a quiz or test, but this organelle is vital to our health, and is thought to play a vital role in aging. Mitochondria turn food into energy through a series of complex chemical reactions. And, although we learned that DNA is found in the nucleus of the cell, mitochondria have their own DNA, which is passed from the mother to the child. There are somewhere between several to 2,000 mitochondria per cell (some types of body cells don’t... Read More

What Matters Most, Empty Nesters?

April 14th, 2009

For six years I have been speaking with parents across the country about the challenges of being an empty nester, including the revolving door. I know we get sick of the word change and still that is inevitable. Books, articles, media, all say just do it, get on board for change now. Parents are asked to change their roles with their children. It is a major life transition: 1. Dealing with health issues 2. Care taking parents 3. Re-entering the work world 4. Questioning all your relationships 5. Memories of past losses 6. Longevity 7. Finding passion 8. Finding meaning 9. A community of like minded... Read More

6th (Non-Financial) Secret to Saving the Family Fortune

April 14th, 2009

If preserving your loved one’s dignity as well as their estate is part of the family fortune you and your family care about saving; If their health and protecting their right to make health care decisions is important; If preserving their lifestyle in the face of a crisis is important; If avoiding airing their “dirty laundry” is important; If you want to avoid the lawyers, going to court, going through conservatorship proceedings is important; then it is particularly important that you make sure that your aging loved one’s advance planning documents are in order. However, have you tried... Read More