When you are open to real romance as an every day part of your love life, often, what seems to be insignificant on first blush, takes on powerful meaning for both of you.

Imagine it\’s early morning, and you have time to snuggle and cuddle with the one you love. (We write this from the point of view of a man, but it applies both ways.) Your lover rolls over and places her head on your shoulder and drapes her leg across yours. It\’s delicious! But you know she can\’t stay there very long, no matter how much she might want to, because the she will shortly become uncomfortable. Your shoulder is as hard as her cheek bone. And you won\’t be able to keep her there for the same reason.

Now, don’t get impatient or say forget about it, why bother! All you have to do is activate your creativity and inventiveness! That’s so often the key to making the little moments truly memorable expressions of your love for one another, the deep romance you enjoy.

In this case, all you need to do is take her pillow, cover your shoulder with it, and she can remain near you almost indefinitely and your shoulder and arm won\’t fall asleep.

More important, she will know that she is kept close in your consciousness. You are thinking about her, aware of her well-being, as well as wanting her near.

And don’t be surprised if breakfast together is infused with special creativity and care. Perhaps she’ll decide to use the “company’s coming” dishes just for the two of you. Or you’ll open the last jar of Aunt Mabel’s plumberry jam just because.

What could be sweeter than making love out of bed after such a sweet time in bed!? That’s real romance and you can have it all the time!

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