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How to Say NO and Still Be Liked

Have you ever wondered “will you still like me if I say no?” How many times did you say yes when you really meant no, just to keep the peace? You are a good person and you can be counted on to say yes even when you mean NO!?
Here\’s a radical thought for you, say YES to yourself.

Here are ways to do this:

  • Learn, notice and listen to your own inner guidance.
    Your body tells you when you are going against yourself. Signs come from your stomach growling, pain in your head or neck or a feeling of heaviness, are a few examples to recognize that you are going against your inner voice.
  • Recognize when you\’ve heard it before and use it.
    You will become better at recognizing the signs from your mind and body. Think back to times you knew beforehand that something was not quite right and you pushed ahead because you said you would and maybe ended up with a speeding ticket while trying to get one more errand completed.
  • Identify comfort zones past, present and future.
    Think back to a time everything worked. How did you prepare, what were you feeling? Recreate that to create intentions for today and the future. Practice staying in your comfort zone. Ask for help if you need it.
  • Establish comfortable boundaries to use all year long.
    Notice when you give your power away. Use this as a reminder by noting how you feel at the time you give away your power and especially the next day as you mull over what you should have said and done. This is a good opportunity to make a choice about your future boundaries. Boundaries are about knowing when you mean yes as well as when you mean no. This is tricky because sometimes we have to make exceptions. Life happens. Too many events on your schedule can be balanced out with days off to rejuvenate after a season like the holidays. Mark time on your calendar for you and don\’t change it unless you reschedule the time. That is a valuable boundary to make time for your self. As you honor that it becomes easier to create in other aspects of your life. Speak to yourself in a way that uplifts your spirits.
  • Mark your calendar with dates for your self.
    Take your 2009 calendar and go through the months right now and mark off time for yourself for the next 52 weeks. It isn\’t set in stone but it needs to be there so you have it and you can adjust it each week. This is saying yes to you. Give yourself an ‘Atta girl!\’

Now Say: “YES I can do it”.

MaryAine Cherry is owner and founder of The RETurn to Joy! Center in Pismo Beach, CA. She specializes in helping people see the possibilities in their lives so they can achieve their lifetime goals and dreams. Let MaryAine help you remove your blocks to success, gain skills for life with her Self Development Coaching Techniques.
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