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What Baby Boomer Women Want

Thirty-eight million baby boomer women are turning ages 45-63 in 2009. As little girls we lived the simpler life. Moms were at home caring for their children and husbands; dads worked nine to five and dinner was on the table at six. We jumped rope, played hop-scotch, married off Barbie and Ken, and played with out Hula Hoops and Slinkies. We practiced duck and cover drills and wore silver bracelets with our POW\’s name and birth date.

We came of age during the women\’s movement and civil rights era. We protested Viet Nam while losing boyfriends in battle. Some of us burned our bras and helped spark the sexual revolution in the 60s and 70s. We led a metamorphosis from housewives to career women. We created the diet and fitness craze and are responsible for ushering in a society that is more global in its thinking while becoming more conscious of individual rights and our environment.

Boomer women are known for challenging ideas and reinventing lifestyles. So what\’s new? We\’re more spiritual, healthier, wealthier and better educated than any generation of women before us. There\’s no stopping us. Now we\’re changing the way women do midlife.

We\’re flying from our empty nests and reinventing ourselves. Some of us are leaving the corporate world and beginning our own businesses. We\’re searching for our passions at midlife and living life to the fullest. We\’re no longer obsessed with being who others want us to be. We\’re finding contentment in who we are being called to be.

We\’ve had more choices than our mothers\’ generation and have lived and continue to live uncharted courses. According to a survey taken through www.BoomerWomenSpeak.com and www.NABBW.com, here\’s what boomer women want:

  • Respect for the choices we\’ve made
  • Acceptance for who we are as women
  • Healthy relationships
  • Affordable and better health care
  • Less money spent on war and more spent on educating our children and grandchildren
  • To share our experiences so we can help others
  • Safety for ourselves and our families and friends
  • We\’d like to “be” more and do less
  • To be able to trust men.
  • The fashion industry to wake up and realize we have money to spend and will do so when we can find clothes that fit and are fashionable. We want shoes that look great and don\’t hurt our feet.
  • The travel industry to wake up and market to us. We love to travel with our family, girlfriends, and alone. We don\’t travel for business only.
  • Social security benefits

And just for fun, we want chocolate, laughter, singing and dancing, frequent and fabulous sex, the magical melting of the fat on our bodies, hugs from everyone, and love-ins.

Boomer women never want to be forgotten!

Dotsie Bregel NABBW Founder and CEO
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