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Baby Boomers and Halloween: How to Deal with Ghosts from the Past

October 16th, 2008

Although present day Halloween activities revolve around trick-or-treating and costume parties, historically masks were worn to placate the evil spirits. You may not be frightened by pumpkins carved into eerie faces nor believe in witches and goblins. But when is the last time you thought seriously about the “ghosts” that have been haunting you far too long? The negative feelings that you may be experiencing – from time to time or perhaps more regularly – could be due to normal unhappiness, stress from overload, situational sadness, or even clinical depression. When there is no... Read More

The Sounds of Silence

October 14th, 2008

…by Prill Boyle When my husband was in college in the early \’70s, he spent an entire semester not speaking except during class. Practicing silence, he says, not only heightened his senses but upped the volume of his inner voice. It also made him aware of how much people talk and how little they say. Today we talk more than ever. We walk around with little plastic boxes held to our ears, jabbering into space, oblivious to the people and beauty all around us. Precious moments of time that we might have once spent in thought, or reverie–driving to work, walking down the street,... Read More

Are you One in a Million?

October 14th, 2008

One of the fastest, easiest, most effective ways to protect the environment is by shifting money in your household budget to eco-friendly goods and services. The more money you shift to green products, the more you encourage manufacturers to reduce pollution, save energy and water, use less packaging and protect natural areas. In fact, if a million women intentionally shift at least $1000 of their existing budget to environmentally-friendly products, we can have a noticeable ONE BILLION DOLLAR IMPACT in the marketplace. You can have the biggest impact by picking one commodity and shifting all... Read More

As If They Were You

October 14th, 2008

“Treat everybody else as if they were you.” These words gave me pause. I wonder what it would be like if we each did what this “unknown author” is advocating? Would she still have abandoned her station at the airport fast food restaurant to get a fork and share a pastry with her friend while her customers waited if she followed this adage? Would he still have sat by the window of the plane with his feet on the seat and knees in my husband\’s space? And would he have cut off the driver in back of him causing her to miss her exit in urban rush hour? Probably not. So... Read More

Strategic Networking: Success in 7 Letters

October 14th, 2008

Let me first tell you that I don\’t like the term “networking.” For many boomer women, it conjures up negative memories of networking in the 80s, when you hurled business cards at 100 strangers, dumped the 100 cards you received in return into a drawer, and didn\’t truly connect with anyone. Networking has come a long way, baby. Think of it as relationship-building, rather than networking, because that\’s the goal: really connecting with people. Women are natural-born relationship-builders, so this is an arena where we have a serious business advantage. People do business... Read More

Put the Brakes on Menopausal Weight Gain

October 14th, 2008

Turn “mean-o-pause” into a time of body beauty with these nine tips. If you\’re just entering menopause, you might be thinking, is menopausal weight gain a given? What\’s happening to my body? Why have the Scales of Injustice turned on me? Aren\’t these supposed to be the best years of my life, not the fattest? I promise you that I am eating and exercising the same way I always have!Turn “mean-o-pause” into a time of body beauty with these nine tips. If you\’re just entering menopause, you might be thinking, is menopausal weight gain a given? What\’s... Read More

Theory vs. Reality

October 14th, 2008

An AARP study, in conjunction with Roper Public Affairs and Media, found some important, interesting, and (frankly) scary contrasts in what women reported compared to their actual situations. The survey, “Looking at Act II of Women\’s Lives: Thriving and Striving from 45 On” interviewed women from 45 to 90 years old, with an emphasis on money, health, and housing. Let\’s take a look at several of their findings in the area of finances and health: Theory: 62% of women said they “know what to do to save part of their monthly income.” Reality: 41% actually save part of their... Read More

Love in the Empty Nest

October 14th, 2008

I know the sadness is huge when you hug your little one, who grew up so quickly, goodbye for now. You wonder how they are doing. Will they call or email to say hello, which of course would instantly make you smile all day. Separation is change. Change is lonely and unsettling to say the least. Mothers and fathers have been calling with feelings and questions. Good news is they are saying what is real for them. They want to know if these feelings are “normal”, how can they find support and how long will the tears fall, what will be meaningful for them now that parenting isn\’t filling... Read More

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 14th, 2008

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This important initiative, and organization by the same name ( NBCAM), was started over two decades ago to raise awareness about breast cancer in all women and their families. Over the years, the organization has evolved and made all issues related to breast cancer of year-round importance. NBCAM is comprised of professional medical associations – such as the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the American College of Radiology, and the American College of Clinical Oncology; government agencies – such as the Centers for Disease... Read More

7 (Non-Financial) Tips to Saving the Family Fortune

October 14th, 2008

How do you define “family fortune”? Most people say money but that\’s not the only thing you\’re “rich” in. “Family fortune” can mean anything from collections such as spoons and stamps to photographs, written material (bible, poems, diaries, letters), documents or records (marriage certificates, awards, military discharge papers), handmade items (quilts, needlework), antiques/art, jewelry, even every day items like kitchen utensils. “Family fortune” can also mean family relationships, family history/memories/traditions, the family reputation/privacy (family “secrets”)... Read More