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Mark 10/23/20 on Your Calendar Now: You’re Specially Invited to “Zoom In” On Ways You Can Fight Agism, As Pro-Aging Guru Ashton Applewhite Is Interviewed By DefyingGravity.life Founders Via Webinar

Here Are the Key Event Details:

“Aging While Female–Reimagined,” A Zoom Webinar provided by DefyingGravity.life

Featuring Pro-Aging Author and Activist Ashton Applewhite

Friday, October 23, 2020, 12:00 pm EST

From childhood on, we’re barraged by messages that it’s sad to be old. That wrinkles are embarrassing, and old people incompetent. Author and activist Ashton Applewhite believed them too, until she dug into where this prejudice comes from and the damage it does.

Pointing out that we are all either old or “future old,” Applewhite explains the roots of ageism in society and between our own ears, and lays out the personal and professional consequences for women in particular.

  • What makes aging different for women—and so much harder than it has to be?
  • How does the double whammy of ageism and sexism affect women’s health, income, and well-being?
  • How does competing to “stay young” dig the hole deeper?

In this provocative talk, Applewhite proposes throwing away the damn shovel, forging cross-generational compacts, and collaborating on new ways of thinking and behaving. The women’s movement taught us to claim our power; a pro-aging movement will teach us to hold onto it.

  • Author and activist Ashton Applewhite has been recognized by the New York Times, the New Yorker, National Public Radio, and the American Society on Aging as an expert on ageism.
  • She blogs at This Chair Rocks, speaks widely at venues that have ranged from the United Nations to the TED mainstage, has written for Harper’s, the Guardian, and the New York Times, and is the voice of Yo, Is This Ageist?
  • The author of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism, Ashton is a leading spokesperson for a movement to mobilize against discrimination on the basis of age.
Ashton is a highly sought-after and well known speaker in the field of ageism.  Join DefyingGravity.life as we offer you an extraordinary opportunity to learn from Ashton in an intimate virtual setting, with the rare opportunity to engage her in conversation. 
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Final note:  A big NABBW welcome to new member Monica Israel, COO of DefyingGravity.life, who alerted us to the opportunity to invite you to join her and co-founder Iris Goldfein in this fascinating opportunity to listen to, ask questions of and learn from renowned agism expert Ashton Applewhite.
If you haven’t previously participated in a ZOOM call, we promise you are in for a treat. The ZOOM platform has come into its own during this time of COVID and social distancing.  The ZOOM platform is both secure and easy to use. Plus, you can connect to the event’s Zoom Breakout Room via your desktop or mobile device, no matter whether you use PC, Mac or Android. “Easy Peasy.”

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