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What Do You Worry About?

What Do You Worry About?

By Natalie Caine, M.A.
NABBW’s Empty Nest Expert

Natalie_Caine-180x180Changes, like empty nest, bring up past losses and worries. Your inner critic may have a feast saying things in your head that aren’t true.

Recently, our group shared what worries them. Perhaps some of the items on their list sound familiar to you.

How about:

  1. Not hearing from my kids for weeks
  2. Not feeling important/needed
  3. Lose of interest in my partner
  4. Lack of passion
  5. No sex drive at this stage of life
  6. Being lonely
  7. Finances not being enough for my future
  8. Health limitations that will make me feel old and not able to do what I loveworried woman
  9. Feeling that I have been forgotten
  10. Closing in on myself
  11. Lack of community
  12. Holiday traditions being lost
  13. Downsizing and not like small spaces
  14. Not reading as much since my vision is not as good
  15. Night driving is not fun anymore
  16. Liking chocolate and bread too much
  17. Finding myself having become my parents\’ caretaker
  18. Drinking too often on the weekends
  19. Saying yes when I need to say no thanks
  20. Being hard on myself

Then each of us shared ways we could shift that inner worrier.

  1. Most importantly: Trust you can handle the losses and fears. They won’t eat you up
  2. Get outside for a walk
  3. Call a friend or research online something fun to do, like visiting a garden or nursery full of colors and textures
  4. Breathe in and out seven times in a row
  5. Let yourself weep
  6. Ask for help
  7. Practice new wellness skills like meditation, swimming, going meatless once a week, doing something new to challenge your brain, mentoring
  8. Write what you love to do and read it weekly
  9. Love the life you have for now. Really be compassionate with yourself and shift when you aren’t
  10. Realize that feelings are feelings. They aren’t the all of you and they aren’t always what is actually true

What do you worry about and what has helped you?

Take good care,


Natalie Caine M.A.

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