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As You Celebrate the Special Life Events the Spring and Summer Bring, Remember: Someone Believes in You

By Natalie Caine, MA, for the NABBW

Think about all those special life milestones and events: newborn

  • Wedding,
  • Graduation,
  • New job,
  • New parenting,
  • A new grandchild,
  • A relocation,
  • Even a new day —

All these are happy changes. And behind your smiles and raised glasses, there are people standing up for you. Supporting you.

They believe in you. They give to you because they want you to understand that you matter. They want you to have bricks under your feet. They want you to feel hugged.

We forget to visit happy memories as moon light to help you stand, over and over when you collapse, and when you simply love life. They know you will doubt, fear, cry, freeze, and beam all through your life.

They want you to remember what they whispered or showed you. They want you to pause and remember those supported moments. Those moments are within you. Call on them. Thank them. Pass on what you know has helped you.

Whether they are here or gone, you stand with precious memories, as do they.

Someone believes in you. How do you want to appreciate you and them? Pause, check in daily with yourself, and begin.

Congratulations and take good care,

natalie caine colorNatalie Caine M.A.


(310) 454-0040
Los Angeles, CA

“Change is inevitable. Get Ready. Get Support. Life transitions need a hand to hold.”

Natalie has been featured in Time Magazine, USA Today, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and more…
For more on this article, go to http://lifeintransition.org/?p=1243

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