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Leaving Behind What Was

April 18th, 2012

Leaving Behind What Was By Natalie Caine, M.A. NABBW’s Empty Nest Expert A teacher shared with me years ago, “Confusion is great.” I frowned because that made no sense. Now it does. Confusion takes you out of routine and what you believe to be true. It is a choice to bring up courage and trust. You have heard me say it before, TRUST IS EARNED. You lose trust in yourself and others. Trust is not a given. You have more to lose than gain in the process of trusting because you can get hurt. Hurt is not the end. When you trust someone with private information and they tell... Read More

Silence Your Inner Critic . . . One Day at a Time

March 17th, 2012

Silence Your Inner Critic . . . One Day at a Time By Natalie Caine, M.A. NABBW’s Empty Nest Expert You\’re bored. You get in your car. You\’re not sure where you want to go. You go to the same old places and do the same old things. You say to yourself, “nothing ever changes”. Recently, I asked some of my group members where they go and what they do to have a better day. Their responses included these places and activities: 1. Shopping for bargains 2. Looking at new cars 3. Visiting a garden shop 4. Walking on the beach 5. Adopting a pet 6. Going to a bookstore 7.... Read More

Changing Habits

March 15th, 2012

Changing Habits By Natalie Caine, M.A. NABBW’s Empty Nest Expert Many women tell me: “My habits seem to control me. My life is too predictable and boring.” Our daily lives are complex and we long for routine. The question is: “Are you happy?” We seem to forget that happiness is a real need and wanting to be happy is not something to feel guilty about. Here are some quick and simple things to try to break a habit: 1. During your day, pay attention to what lifts your energy and what depletes it. 2. Get outside every day for more than a walk to and from your car. 3.... Read More

A Deep Loss. And A Surprise

March 15th, 2012

A Deep Loss. And A Surprise By Natalie Caine, M.A. NABBW’s Empty Nest Expert Do you want the ending of the story or the beginning? Patience will give you the surprise ending that was greatly needed during loss. My cat, Sophie, who we adopted fourteen years ago, was still chatty and cuddly, until the Monday morning she suddenly died. I wept and wept. Home alone, I don\’t know where the movement in me came from, to swaddle her in a blanket, as I prepared to say goodbye. I know I was in shock, even though, I also knew she grew thinner and older weekly. Maybe, she was 91. I had... Read More

The Rhythm of Love

January 31st, 2012

The Rhythm of Love By Natalie Caine, M.A. NABBW’s Empty Nest Expert If you were to drum out a song for those you love, what words would you hope to convey? If you were to make a heart card, what would you draw in and outside the heart? If you danced love, how brave would you have to be? No matter what way you choose to express, hope you have fun. Don\’t forget to send those love notes to yourself…”What I love about myself is that I…What people say they love about me is… Celebrate the memories, the today, and the tomorrow hopes of love. Natalie Change is inevitable.... Read More

Holiday Transitions

November 18th, 2011

Holiday Transitions By Natalie Caine, M.A. NABBW’s Empty Nest Expert Did you pack your toothbrush? That is the one repeated question I ask, since I don\’t want to share. Travel and transitions are about feeling out of control. Who likes that feeling? Back to sharing….One of the top questions people bring up during our telephone consultation is that they don\’t want to talk about certain subjects during the holiday. They feel too vulnerable or private for now. I will cut to the chase and suggest you say, “I pass-on talking about that subject this holiday. I will... Read More

Five Things Empty Nesters Shouldn\’t Say to Their Children

October 29th, 2011

Five Things Empty Nesters Shouldn\’t Say to Their Children By Natalie Caine, M.A. NABBW’s Empty Nest Expert Five Things Empty Nesters Shouldn\’t Say to Their Children: 1. You never call. Shift that to, I would love to get an email, text, or call from you even it is short. I know you are busy. 2. You always wait until the last minute. Judgment distances us from those we love. They know they procrastinate. Shift to; you know your style of getting things done. Do you think it would be difficult to change that? 3. You go see them and not us anymore. Shift to, it must be hard to juggle... Read More

Empty Nest Support Group

October 25th, 2011

Empty Nest Support Group By Natalie Caine, M.A. NABBW’s Empty Nest Expert Whether you are on your way to emptying your nest or already sitting in it, the role you lived as parent shifts. Who are you beyond mother? Who are you beyond father? When you sit with others who are on a similar journey, you feel a bonding, a clan, a place to be right where you are with your full range of thoughts and feelings. Until you hug your children goodbye and come back home to their empty room and silence, it isn\’t real. You think about. You wonder how you will be and what will be next for you?... Read More

Fun in the Empty Nest

September 12th, 2011

Fun in the Empty Nest By Natalie Caine, M.A. NABBW’s Empty Nest Expert Parents ask me what I do for fun since they are gathering new ideas for themselves. Here\’s a short list: Read about chefs, meet them and eat at their restaurants (do you know who is in the photo I captured?) Start my day with black coffee and pruning my organic veggie and flower garden Read novels and newspapers Movies with chocolate covered pretzels for snack Out to dinner with hubby so we can catch up and laugh away from home Day trips on the road Music Yoga Zumba Cooking Time with friends, anywhere,... Read More

Summer of Changes

August 3rd, 2011

Summer of Changes By Natalie Caine, M.A. NABBW’s Empty Nest Expert Transitions for adults and children bring frustration. How does it show itself in your family? Not sleeping. Irritability. Yelling. Immobile. Overeating. A family shared with me they want a fun, happy summer, but the fears grip them. Not enough money, too many people back in the house, relationship is all about problem solving and details, and yes, the not knowing how to handle the unknowns that come up. Have a check in party where each says what is on their mind and the others truly listen. Keep it brief. Each person... Read More