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In Honor of Mother\’s Day: What\’s the Best Advice Your Mother Ever Gave You?

In Honor of Mother\’s Day: What\’s the Best Advice Your Mother Ever Gave You?

By Natalie Caine, M.A.
NABBW’s Associate for Life in Transition

Do you wonder what your kids would say to that question? It might be fun to ask them on Mother\’s Day.

Here is a short list of what advice was given to women, by their mothers, from my circle:

  1. Help others even if you feel shy.
  2. Go for it because the clock is ticking.
  3. Hold your own hand.
  4. You don\’t have to see it. Pray anyhow.
  5. Open the door for others.
  6. Try again and again.
  7. Save money as soon as you make some.
  8. Nothing lasts forever, so dear child, go ahead and weep.
  9.         Get the best education you can. Keep learning.
  10.         Go for a walk. Get off the sofa.
  11.         Look in other directions, not just straight ahead.
  12.         Say sorry when you hurt someone and mean it.
  13.         You will get disappointed. That\’s life.
  14.         Love happens more than once, you know.
  15.         Don\’t go out without your lipstick on.
  16.         Sit up straight.
  17.         Do your homework, then play.
  18.         Make your bed.
  19.         Find something to smile about.
  20.         When you lie, your nose grows too big and you can’t blow it.

Flower_for_Mom_2003 (2)There were so many memories from their Mothers. When they couldn\’t remember words, they shared scenes, visuals, places, feelings, traditions, etc.  Some happy and some sad memories popped up, as to be expected in life.

Those who are mothers now wondered what their kids would say about them. They all agreed their kids would say, “You ask too many questions.”  Then they said their kids would say for wisdom passed on, “Be Kind.”

All were looking forward, no matter what age their kids are, to a phone call, or the card that says, “YOU\’RE THE BEST MOM IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. I LOVE YOU.”

We laughed at how often that line shows up in the home made kid card.  We know we aren\’t the best.  We know they know we aren\’t the best. We annoy them. They annoy us.

We simply hope we stay connected, have moments together to show our love and to be loved. We hope they “get a life,” so they can stand tall and allow us to be in the background as they lead themselves forward or sideways.

Whatever memories or gatherings show up on MOTHER\’S DAY, may you honor MOTHER in whatever way feels right to you at this time.

P.S. May you not have to “fake a smile,” for the present you receive that you really don\’t like, aka, the same as you got last year.  We had a big laugh listing the gifts we just couldn\’t say we didn\’t like….Can you relate?

Natalie Caine M.A.

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Natalie Caine Founder of Empty Nest Support Services

Natalie Caine is the founder of Empty Nest Support Services. When her daughter was a senior in high school, she realized that as a soon-to-be “empty nester,” she would be undergoing a major life shift. Not wanting to confront this transition alone nor have her many friends face this abyss without strong support, she created a support services group, which quickly grew into a new career and an exciting full-time business.

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