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Baby Boomer Woman Gives Birth

August 23rd, 2007

This time last year I had only an idea; no name, no website, no contacts, no potential customers, no business experience … just an idea to sell wicking pajamas and a burning feeling that it needed to be pursued. I was like a puppy with a slipper; I couldn\’t let it go. I was driven to explore the possibilities, and despite the fact that I was jumping into an arena which was so foreign to me, I just knew I had to take that jump. This tremendous leap of faith, belief in myself, and following of my inner voice, has provided me with more gifts and abundance than I ever could have imagined.... Read More

Night Sweats Sleepwear- It Is Out There-But Where?

March 26th, 2007

Do you sleep with a fan blowing directly on your side of the bed even though it is October? Does the window next to your side of the bed stay open even though it is the middle of January? Do you keep a spare pair of pajamas next to the bed to save you the trip to your bureau in the middle of the night? Chances are that if you answered “yes” to these questions, and you can add many more scenarios from personal experience, then you have the almighty night sweats. Fear not, however, there is relief!If your night sweats are due to menopause, you are in good company. Approximately 40 million women... Read More