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Night Sweats Sleepwear- It Is Out There-But Where?

Do you sleep with a fan blowing directly on your side of the bed even though it is October? Does the window next to your side of the bed stay open even though it is the middle of January? Do you keep a spare pair of pajamas next to the bed to save you the trip to your bureau in the middle of the night?
Chances are that if you answered “yes” to these questions, and you can add many more scenarios from personal experience, then you have the almighty night sweats. Fear not, however, there is relief!If your night sweats are due to menopause, you are in good company. Approximately 40 million women in this country are in the middle of perimenopause or menopause. Almost 50% of those women will suffer from night sweats. You can then add in women who suffer from night sweats due to side effects of medication, certain medical conditions or chemotherapy. That makes for a lot of uncomfortable and cranky mothers, wives, sisters and co-workers, and you know the old saying, “If mama ain\’t happy, then nobody is happy.” In my house, mama wasn\’t happy for quite some time, and that was grueling for everyone, until I stumbled upon a solution that has offered me so much relief that I always get fired up (no pun intended) when I have the chance to share it with other women; wicking sleepwear. Wicking sleepwear is made with a special fabric that contains wicking properties which carry moisture away from your body during the night sweat, leaving you drier and more comfortable. You see, it isn\’t the night sweat or flash that wakes you, but the wetness and subsequent cold.I thought I was a pretty savvy on line researcher and shopper, so I was dumbfounded to find that I had NEVER come across this sleepwear during my endless reading about perimenopause. How did I miss this nirvana for the sweaty, sleep deprived? Why did it take a serendipitous trip into a small specialty shop for me to buy my first pair of hot flash pajamas? The answer is twofold. I didn\’t know such a product existed, and I wasn\’t typing in effective key words during my searches that would have taken me to the sites where menopause pajamas were sold. So, let me take the mystery out of the search for you.You may find your way, by accident, to one of the few sites which carry wicking pajamas like mine, Lunar Radiance, or you can type in one of the following key words: hot flash pajamas, wicking sleepwear, night sweats sleepwear, menopause pajamas, hot flash nightgowns, night sweats pajamas, or wicking pajamas. From there you will have some choices. The important thing is that you find the style that best suits your needs, life style and personal preference. It is important to remember that in order for the fabric to work, it must touch your skin. So, think about which part of your body seems to be the most affected. If your legs are the most problematic, select a pair of pajamas. If leg sweats aren\’t your problem, then try a nightgown. The fabrics are soft and comfortable, and the styles are pretty and feminine. This time in our lives is difficult enough. We don\’t need to feel or look unattractive when we go to bed.Ladies, put away your fans and close your windows! There is respite for those of us who suffer from these nighttime power surges. It is just a click away—now go and find it. You will be a much happier “mama” and those who live with you will be happier too!

Eileen Kisailus is the founder of Lunar Radiance, an internet retail company which provides hot flash pajamas and nightgowns to combat the ravages of night sweats and lead women to a good night\’s sleep. In addition you will find spa robes, slippers, gift ideas and a growing resources page with timely information for women in transition. A free newsletter is issued monthly. You can find Lunar Radiance at www.lunarradiance.com or she may be contacted by email at the email above.
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