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The Rich History of the Mesquita of Cordoba

July 27th, 2015

By Teresa Roberts, NABBW’s Associate for Living Abroad There is something about old buildings that captures my undivided attention. I suspect that I’m not alone. People from all over the world flock to see the great architectures built by civilizations of the past. I’ve seen my share of these manmade wonders, but during my sojourn in Spain this spring, I happily added a new structure to my list of sites that make me marvel. I spent forty-eight hours in Cordoba city center where the grand Mesquita was erected many centuries ago. Needless to say, it still has the power to take your breath... Read More

Widows: Your Wanderlust and Wishes

July 14th, 2015

By Phyllis Stoller NABBW’s Associate for Group Travel Please share with friends who have lost a partner! Let me start by saying these  thoughts come from talking to you out there and from my friends. Traveling as a widow is not the same kind of travel. It can still be a meaningful experience with highs, lows and new memories. Some women use women’s travel as part of ‘re-entry’ after losing a partner. Here is our site: for reference. Your home social circle talks to you with unwanted pity and empathetic glances.  In a travel group, no one knows your... Read More

SLO’s Apple Farm Inn: A Sweet Spot on California’s Central Coast

July 11th, 2015

By Linda Ballou NABBW’s  Adventure Travel Associate Situated halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles in sun-kissed San Luis Obispo is the Apple Farm Inn, a perfect place to shake off the road dust. The Inn is easily accessed off of Highway 101, and its steaming outdoor spa and cool pool are guaranteed to smooth out the kinks. Stroll the delightful gardens overlooked by a saw mill replete with a working water wheel reminiscent of days gone by. SLO, as locals call it, is nestled in the heart of California’s wine country. Gracious hosts at the Apple Farm offer complimentary wines between... Read More

June Never Came: A Mother’s Guide to Living After the Loss of a Child

July 3rd, 2015

June Never Came: A Mother’s Guide to Living After the Loss of a Child Author: Patricia Burgess-Southerland Reviewed by Anne Holmes for the NABBW This is a deceptively simple looking, small book. But author Burgess-Southerland has packed it full of coping strategies and healing projects she designed for herself after the loss of her son Zachary. Early on, she explains to her readers that Zachary, died in a completely avoidable auto accident, at age 27. Her book’s title comes from the fact that Zachary had been planning to visit her in June of the year he died. But grievously, that visit never... Read More