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Seven Simple Steps to Stress -free Holidays

November 30th, 2009

Our thoughts are exceedingly powerful. Think about the human collective thoughts have that have created a holiday season that celebrates, in part, a humble man born in a barn who generously taught and gave to others for free. But, instead of following his call to simplicity, love, and inner harmony, his birthday and surrounding holidays have become a time of high expectations of ourselves and others. Often, even thoughts of “the holidays” generate a sense of gloom, anxiety, and personal stress. Clearly, we deserve to rethink ways of having meaningful end-of- year-holidays that neither strain... Read More

Tips for Widows—Surviving the Holidays

November 30th, 2009

Holidays can be difficult for widows. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving or New Years, the memories of past holidays can keep widows stuck in the past and unable to move forward in their life. It can feel impossible to even consider participating in a holiday without one\’s spouse. Those shared traditions and memories from past years probably do not feel appropriate now. Sometimes widows feel guilty when they think about participating in special days without their spouse. These special days can also bring up a lot of sadness for widows. Widows can also experience a great... Read More

3 Simple ways to skyrocket your online visibility

November 30th, 2009

Those who are making a living by way of the Internet are always on the lookout for ways to increase their visibility. The more visibility one has that builds market recognition, the more likely an expert’s credibility will increase. Gaining visibility is actually quite simple, but not always easy. The difficult part comes when you don’t know who your market is and you seem to be spinning your wheels trying to gain visibility in front of the right potential buyers. Before implementing any of the following marketing ideas, you absolutely must know who your market is. If you haven’t clearly... Read More

Give me your internet marketing services for free!

November 30th, 2009

The more visible you become in your market, the more you will have people who assume you have an extra few minutes to address their questions – for free. If you don\’t learn how to handle this from the start, it can easily get out of control. You can end up spending more time addressing the concerns of people who have no intention of paying you to the detriment of those who do. Learn how to stop this before it gets out of control. Last evening, I had the good fortune of having dinner with my sister who is visiting from California. Over sushi we talked about how grateful we each are for... Read More

Build Your Writing Life

November 23rd, 2009

Believe in It and Start More Writing Now! When I think about how I began cultivating my writer\’s life, I realize had been doing so even before I knew what I was doing. But once it began a more conscious process, about a year later, I became overwhelmed. I didn\’t know writers\’ jargon or the prerequisites for developing into an accomplished writer. I didn\’t know the lay of the land and how to negotiate the impact on me of those involved in the field. I didn\’t know if I had the stamina or the talent necessary or how to inoculate myself against others\’ judgments... Read More

Launching and Maintaining Successful Web Sites and Blogs Using Social Networking and Superb SEO

November 18th, 2009

Launching and Maintaining Successful Web Sites and Blogs Using Social Networking and Superb SEO Engine Optimization Date: 11/19/2009 Time: 12 – 5:00pm (EST) Learn more about this amazing telesummit by clicking here to view this document. REGISTER NOW! Seminar Time:12 – 5:00pm (EST)  Read More

Baby Boomers: The Path from Job Loss to Re-Employment

November 17th, 2009

BABY BOOMERS: THE PATH FROM JOB LOSS TO RE-EMPLOYMENT NABBW November Teleseminar with Carol Orsborn, Ph.D.,  Read More

Saying NO to Strays . . . and other things that will never happen.

November 13th, 2009

I\’m pretty sure I run a half-way house for animals. In fact, I believe there must be a sign out front that says, “Drop off your unwanted canines and felines here. This is the place. Her lips may say NO, but her heart says me casa is su casa.” Enter the latest…Miss Kitty. Original, yes? Here\’s the scoop (no pun intended)…Miss Calico Kitty was just “there” one day and I, being the master at having my way, ignored her completely . . . for approximately one hour. Sigh. My son said, “Mom, you might as well run to the store and buy cat food.” No way, no how. Not me,... Read More

How to Behave Like a CEO

November 12th, 2009

One thing I know for sure, is that the sooner a business owner begins to think like a CEO (Chief Entrepreneurial Officer), the faster their business will grow. Below are five ways you can start behaving like a CEO today! 1. Switch from the Big Picture to the Micro Picture Each Day – To run a successful company, you must be able to see the big picture to plan ahead and also be able to see the many parts of your business at a micro level and understand how they relate to each other because all the parts do affect each other. To motivate your team you will need to be able to communicate the... Read More

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

November 12th, 2009

Author: Allison Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos Author Allison Bottke creates Susan Anderson, an exuberant and youthful forty-something woman who lives in Las Vegas with her husband, Michael. Susan is an attractive, affable woman and is a native to life in the fast lane, having spent a fair amount of her younger days entwined in New York’s social scene. She creates the ever-trendy Disco Diva hair salon, designs it with a ‘70s flair, and uses its spaces to “minister” to her clients through her own brand of purposeful warmth and energy. But as her fiftieth birthday... Read More