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The Rich History of the Mesquita of Cordoba

By Teresa Roberts, NABBW’s Associate for Living Abroad There is something about old buildings that captures my undivided attention. I suspect that I’m not alone. People from all over the world flock to see the great architectures built by civilizations of the past. I’ve seen my share of these manmade wonders, but during my sojourn […]

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An American Snowbird in Southern Spain

By Teresa Roberts NABBW’s Associate for Living Abroad I’m in southern Spain —again. This time, I am here for two months, living in my own apartment. Last year, I came to Spain to find an apartment on the coast of Andalucía. My ultimate goal was to locate a place that could become my home-away-from-home for […]

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Pompeii – A History Buff’s Travel Dream

By Teresa Roberts NABBW’s Associate for Living Abroad   When I was in grade school, every student in my classroom received a copy of the Weekly Reader. Maybe the mention of that little publication triggers a memory for you, too. Most of the stories and information that I gathered from the Weekly Reader did not […]

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