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Interview with Donna Hull

September 24th, 2012

Interview with Donna Hull By Linda Ballou NABBW’s Adventure Travel Expert One of the best sites on the web for active boomers is My Itchy Travel Feet. Donna Hull has been scratching that itch for the last three years and having a ball doing it. Her site is very comprehensive with lots of fun articles about travel adventures for you to explore. Since I am a Hawai\’i aficionado, I especially liked Boomer Adventures in Hawai\’i. The Coastal California Road Trip suggesting several horseback riding opportunities along the coast made me want to start packing. Many of the articles... Read More

Jed\’s Travels with the CIA (Crisis Induced Awakenings)

July 22nd, 2011

Jed\’s Travels with the CIA (Crisis Induced Awakenings) By Jed Diamond, Ph.D., LCSW NABBW’s Male Menopause Expert The trip began in Washington, D.C. where I was presenting new information from my forthcoming book on Energy Medicine for Men to the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. We were then planning to fly to Ireland where we had friends, on to Spain, France, and ending in the Czech Republic where our son, Aaron, was living with his wife Helena. What started out as a vacation turned into a Vision Quest with one mind-blowing crisis after another. I like Neuro-Psychologist... Read More