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The Queen of My Self: Stepping into Sovereignty in Midlife

Author: Donna Henes

Reviewed By: Lynn C. Tolson

Donna Henes states that she has thirty years experience as an “urban shaman and contemporary ceremonialist” and that she was a “proud member of the pioneering Sixties Generation.” When she found herself lacking in role models to mentor her through middle age, Henes chose to use her own leadership abilities. She developed “The Queen” image for herself and her cohorts. In doing so, she created not only a royal attitude, but also a lifestyle guide. Henes has established an enriching experiential “how-to” for stepping into middle age with aplomb.

Henes uses the classic “Queen” as a continuous theme throughout the book. Each of the eight chapters has a heading befitting the regal premise, plus a sub-heading of real world methods toward fulfillment. For example, Chapter 5 is titled “The Queen and I” with a sub-title of “Embracing Her Majesty.” The readers are encouraged to “design our own roles and ideals, compose the scripts, and author the sagas of our own futures.” The author presents personal experience and case studies of women who have successfully reinvented themselves in middle age; readers can easily relate to these examples.

Each chapter offers multiple suggestions helping readers identify their own wishes and wants. If one style of story telling is not suitable for a specific reader, another style for the same subject is sure to meet the reader\’s needs. Henes even uses her own poetry to get the point of self-improvement across to the reader. The result is a book that is well- crafted, engaging, and entertaining.

There are also practical applications within the context of The Queen and with all that the author offers, Queen of My Self is a gift that keeps on giving. Ladies, put on your gem-studded tiaras! You are in for a great read from a thoughtful and thought-provoking author who is for and about a well- lived middle-aged life.

NABBW Contributing Author

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