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Got Teeth? A Survivor\’s Guide: How to keep your teeth or live without them!

Author: Saundra Goodman

Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson

If you think reading a book on dental care will make your eyes glaze over-think again.

Got Teeth? A Survivor\’s Guide was informative, most educational, and very entertaining. Saundra Goodman has combined years of research with her own personal journey through periodontal disease which resulted in the loss of half of her own teeth and her only option, dentures. Think you know all you need to know as far as good oral hygiene is concerned? Again I say-think again.

For instance, here\’s a little something I learned from reading Got Teeth? A Survivor\’s Guide
Fact number one: Did you know that gum disease is a leading cause of heart attacks? And did you also know that it is now the second leading risk factor for them behind only smoking?

Fact number two: Baking soda is actually very abrasive and can ruin the enamel on your teeth

These are just a couple of health factors among many buried within the pages of this very educational, very informative, and even humor-filled manuscript turned reference guide for me. I actually read this book twice!

I want to add that I was astonished, yet fascinated at the different cultures approaches to dental care throughout history. Included are the Chinese, Romans, (I won\’t give away the Chinese, Babyloians, or the Egyptian\’s early beliefs, but it involved live mice, donkeys, and other things!), and the Phoenicians, just to name a few. Were you aware that the Chinese invented the modern bristle toothbrush in the \’40\’s because they believed that “tooth worms” invaded their mouths? Yet another historical fact; ancient dentists paid soldiers to bring them the teeth of a dead soldier from the battlefield so that they could have a never-ending supply of teeth for research.

For every adult who wants to learn the importance of good oral hygiene and how it can affect one\’s overall health, and importantly, if you can say yes to having a history of dental problems, unexplained bad breath, or bleeding gums and would like to know more about preventive maintenance, then pick up a copy of Got Teeth? A Survivor\’s Guide.

Is dental care important? Got teeth?-Want to keep them?

NABBW Contributing Author

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