Author: Dick and Sue Coffin

Reviewed By: Dotsie Bregel

This is one of the best books you can give a loved one if they understand the beauty of planning for death and dying. It is also a helpful book for Baby Boomers who like to plan ahead.

The Coffins offer a complete guidebook for the end of life choices that will help you and your loved ones feel comforted prior to a death. Who better to write the book than a couple who owns Rogan\’s Memorials and deals with dying regularly.

The book allows opportunities to make your wishes known before faced with the death and dying issues that are often daunting and uncomfortable. They address financial and legal aspects including; living wills, last will and testaments, establishing trusts, and even funeral planning. In addition to defining all of these procedures, they also have a section of documents and forms to assist you with planning. If you are blessed enough to be able to address this issue with loved ones, this is the perfect book. If not, then you need to learn how to address the issue of death and dying and introducing this book may be the best first step.

NABBW Contributing Author