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Fun Key Finder

Author: Linda Nagamine

Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson

More than a review; here is my story…

When asked to review this product, my first reaction was negative. “Great; something else to keep tabs on. I don\’t need another thing to go inside my purse.” I was wrong.

After easily attaching the Fun Key Finder to my purse, then attaching my “keys to the world” to the Fun Key Finder, I rushed out the door to an afternoon appointment. In a hurry and running a bit behind, I slammed the back door rendering it locked and secured. Then it hit me; I had no keys to the house OR the car…and, no cell phone to call for help. This wasn\’t my first time to do this. Knowing my son had borrowed the “other” emergency key, I had no way of unlocking the door and getting back inside for the car keys.

Standing there pondering my fate, and the repercussions of a lost appointment, my eyes happened to catch a slim black strap hanging from my purse. Eureka! The keys were attached to my Fun Key Finder and all I had to do was lift the strap from the inside of my purse and I was on my way.

From that moment on I was hooked (pun intended). My new routine when leaving the house now consists of grabbing my purse, checking to make sure I still have my keys on the strap, and off I go. And no more fumbling for keys in my purse when at the door with handfuls of groceries. I just lift the strap and there they are.

If it\’s late at night and you\’re approaching your door alone, what could be more helpful or safer than having your keys at your fingertips? The Fun Key Finder saves me time, is easily accessible, can be changed from purse to purse in a snap…or briefcase, or diaper bag; and there is the safety factor when arriving home late. The best part is no more locking myself out of the house. You can have my exercise bike or my favorite DVD, but you can\’t have my Fun Key Finder. We\’re hooked for life!

NABBW Contributing Author

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