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Fun Key Finder

May 13th, 2009

Author: Linda Nagaminewww.funkeyfinder.com Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson More than a review; here is my story… When asked to review this product, my first reaction was negative. “Great; something else to keep tabs on. I don\’t need another thing to go inside my purse.” I was wrong. After easily attaching the Fun Key Finder to my purse, then attaching my “keys to the world” to the Fun Key Finder, I rushed out the door to an afternoon appointment. In a hurry and running a bit behind, I slammed the back door rendering it locked and secured. Then it hit me;... Read More

Key Largo Underwear

April 14th, 2009

Author: Lea Holderwww.keylargounderwear.com Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson I\’m not sure if it is the difference in the quality of the fabric, or the master sewing of the Key Largo Underwear that sets it apart from the competition. Whether one of these facts or both, in reviewing this product line I was pleasantly surprised to find the fit a perfect one. The fact that I wasn\’t trying to “right the wrong” all day by pulling the underwear in place also showed that it was a good fit. Finally! An undergarment that stays in place; no matter what size you are. The ladies panty is... Read More