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Pay Attention to the Two M\’s and Your Business Will Soar

After ten years of running a 7 figure online business, I have concluded that success can be narrowed down to two specific areas of mastery.
I call them the two M\’s – Mindsets and Marketing.

And I want to make a BOLD statement here and say that if you can focus your efforts on mastering the Mindsets and the Marketing in your business, you will be successful!

First, let\’s discuss the Mindsets…

After years of learning and growing and accomplishing many goals I have set for myself, I decided that no matter what you decide to do in and with your life, your mindsets matters most.

In fact, your mindsets make or break your success in life in three ways:

  • Believing in Abundance
    Right now you believe many goals are attainable and many are not. The way we were raised and our current environment dictate our beliefs and unless we are challenged and taught to believe differently, we stay stuck. Today-open your mind up to abundance. Take a goal and rewrite it in an abundant mindset. Try to make yourself believe that you can accomplish it even if there is a nagging voice saying “no way!” Then put it where you can see it every day. It can be a financial goal or the number of articles you want to write next year. Whatever you want to accomplish, have, or do. It doesn\’t matter. Think abundantly and think big for yourself.

  • Manifesting What You Want
    Once you begin to think more abundantly and do it enough that it becomes a practiced mindset, then you will begin to easily manifest what you need, want, and deserve in life. Since manifesting is done in the mind, it in itself is another mindset. You should begin to consciously manifest what you dream of and what you need to accomplish your dreams. That is why writing down your goals is so powerful. It forces you to consciously manifest your wants and desires.

  • Welcoming the Change
    The third mindset and the hardest and most important is being open to change. Many of us are very fearful of change and don\’t recognize that we are resisting an abundant life because of the safe choices we make. Me included. We limit ourselves because of that risk of failure. We get used to believing what other un-abundant thinkers think because at least then we don\’t have to put ourselves out there and fail. Change is good-it helps you grow. When you begin to expect change and thrive in the middle of it, you will increase your speed at which you succeed at your goals.
  • And second, let\’s discuss Marketing…

    Outside of your mindsets, marketing is the next most important area to master in my opinion. Why? Let me list the many reasons that Marketing is so important to you-the visionary of your company! By the way, I define marketing as anything you do that lets other people know that your company exists.

    Marketing is how:

  • You Build Personal and Professional Relationships With New Leads-There are so many interactive ways to market on the Internet today that let solo-preneurers to CEOs of large companies personally build relationships with those they serve in their businesses. And marketing is the only way that exists for new leads who don\’t know you exist to find you. Some of the interactive strategies available to your business (no matter what size) are video, blogs, social networking, webinars, teleseminars, and audio. Non-interactive strategies are article marketing, online newsletters, advertising, direct mail, and search engine placement.
  • You Build Overall Brand Identity and Awareness-The more marketing strategies you incorporate into your business, the more “instances” people will see your company. There are a number of different ways to encourage your leads and customers to easily identify you. Keep the color and design the same throughout your website and newsletter and all marketing materials. Make sure every product and service you launch is in line with what you say your mission is. Write books and information products that represent you and grow your brand.
  • You Answer Questions Your Current and Future Customers Didn\’t Know They Had-One of the best reasons to incorporate live radio or live teleseminars or webinars into your marketing is so that your leads and customers have an opportunity to learn from others who are ahead of them. It lets you the owner of the company or your employees serve them and help them solve their problems on the spot. And because much of this marketing is recorded and sent out via internal company lists and social networking, the marketing is automated.
  • You Create Physical Energy So Customers Can Learn More About Your Products and/or Services-I believe energy always balances itself. And I have found in business that the amount of time, expertise, and money energy I am willing to put into my marketing, it comes back to my companies proportionally. The key is to put in place marketing energy that is automated and keeps working long after you implement the marketing. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, Article Marketing, Online Newsletters, Direct Mail, and so on.
  • You Serve Your Customers-For Instance, your educate your leads when your write articles and blog posts. Always be of service in your marketing and your leads will return to uplevel to your product and service offerings when they are ready to take action.
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