Here are six “ways of being” that all authentic and visionary leaders practice. These are leaders that lead with purpose and are strategically creating positive change in the world. These leaders don\’t have to focus on the bottom line all the time because their results are so powerful that their business bank account just grows as a result of how attractive their business energy is. Let me explain:

1) Always Be Positive and Grateful
This behavior or this way of being is so powerful and allows you to anchor all lessons and grow from them. Your ability to see forward movement in every part of your business at every stage is exactly what attracts more success, more money, more exciting experiences, and more amazing people into your world. No matter what your business or your life looks like today, you must see the lesson in it all and be grateful and welcome it. Genuinely welcome it in. And when you do, you will be rewarded with innovative ideas and a ha\’s from the universe. On the flip side, if you aren\’t positive, you will struggle more just to stand still. Life and business can be effortless or it can be a constant struggle. Know this: You are the core reason whatever you are experiencing right now is happening. Good or bad. Being positive and grateful allows you to see what works and what decisions have been made from ego vs. from the universe that flows through you.

2) Be Decisive and Act Fast
This behavior is all about energy. Just energy, not good or bad energy, but energy that causes more energy. Energy likes speed because that is how it builds momentum. For business leaders, this energy manifests itself in a profitable way through marketing. Concentrate on delegating energy to your team that people can see (video), feel (direct mail), and hear (teleseminars). The faster you create energy, the faster energy in the form of money flows back to your website and your bank account. Then there is the energy that flows through all of the people you help with your products and results. Flows literally through their hearts and souls because your passionate work is changing their lives. Help people accomplish results quickly and all the money you ever wanted will flow to you effortlessly.

3) Always Think About Positioning
This behavior is about saying “No” if it isn\’t a “Hell Yes”. Know this: If and when you compromise in any way whatsoever, you are diminishing your results before you even get started. When we say yes to anything we don\’t want to do or we shouldn\’t do, we are compromising our souls. You will be amazed at how authentic your life will be when you start to practice this one behavior. And be ready for a lot of people to get upset. This one behavior is harder for others to accept than almost any other behavior I am sharing today because they are receiving your decision as rejection. You can not control how people receive your authentic actions. As a leader, you are helping them grow by leaps and bounds though every time you say no to what isn\’t in your best interest.

4) Try to Be An Innovator
This behavior is about doing business your way. It is indeed healthy in business to break rules. It is called innovation. Customers love it and it is one of the single fastest ways to be seen as a leader in your industry. And it is ok if you screw up because innovation is messy. And it is fun and profitable too! Now if this behavior intimidates you, trust me, I get it. Here are a few tips that I have learned over the last ten years as I grew my businesses. 1) Carve out alone time often for brilliance to emerge. 2) Surround yourself with innovation through innovative information and other innovative people. It isn\’t hard… however, for some of you, you may need to make lots of changes in your life to do these two things.

5) Plan Ahead
This behavior is about planning ahead and thinking strategically about the return on investment in everything you do in your business and in life. You must be able to see the big picture to plan ahead and also be able to see the many parts of your business at a micro level and understand how they relate to each other because all the parts do affect each other. To motivate your team you will need to be able to communicate the big picture and still be able to brainstorm every part of the business with each of your high-level team members as needed. Your ability to be able to successfully switch between Big and Micro Picture in your business will determine your success more than anything else.

6) Do Not Focus On What You Don\’t Have
This behavior is the hardest out of the six behaviors in my opinion because it is dependent on your ability to trust and have faith about your future. You can\’t touch or feel your future. But you can visualize it. I encourage you to spend time in the real world and time in the abstract world. Ignore what is for moments each day or at least an hour a week and spend some time acting as if you are already physically in that place that you desire. Successful people spend a lot of time focusing on the future and then they are wise enough to check back into what is also. The easiest way to check back in to your business is to look at Quickbooks. I always say that Quickbooks will never lie to you about your business. The numbers don\’t lie. Your job is to know where you are now and where you think you want to go and then focus on the end and use the other five habits above to move yourself forward. Enjoy the journey.

Sheri Keys Founder of the National Association of Women Writers

Sheri McConnell ( is the President and Founder of the National Association of Women Writers ( She helps women writers and entrepreneurs discover, create, and profit from their intellectual knowledge! Sheri' lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband Seth and their four children-ages 11, 10, 6, and 3 months. Contact her at or her toll free number at 866-821-5829.