Your money mindset allows you to dream big and live your passion in this life in three ways.

One: Believing in Abundance

Right now you believe many goals are attainable and many are not. The way we were raised and our current environment dictate our beliefs and unless we are challenged and taught to believe differently, we stay stuck. Today, open up your mind to abundance. Take a financial goal and rewrite it in an abundant mindset. Try to make yourself believe that you can accomplish it even if there is a nagging voice saying “no way!” Then put it where you can see it every day. Whatever you want to accomplish, have, or do. It doesn\’t matter. Think abundantly and think big for yourself.

Two: Manifesting What You Want

Once you begin to think more abundantly and do it enough that it becomes a practiced mindset, then you will begin to easily manifest what you need, want, and deserve in life. Since manifesting is done in the mind, it, in itself, is another mindset. You should begin to consciously manifest what you dream of and what you need to accomplish your dreams. That is why writing down your financial goals is so powerful. It forces you to consciously manifest your wants and desires.

Three: Welcoming the Change

The third mindset, and the hardest and most important, is being open to change. Many of us are very fearful of change and don\’t recognize that we are resisting an abundant life because of the safe choices we make.

Creating Your Dreams and Passion Bank Account

Nothing creates accountability and forces you to dream more than owning a company that you are passionate about. We all have dreams and passions that are also profitable entrepreneurial ventures. Most of us just don\’t take the time to do the work to search our souls and figure out what profitable passions are inside of us. Sad, isn\’t it?

Loral Langemeier refers to it as creating your cash machine: your capacity to create revenue to fuel your wealth and live your dreams. Timothy Ferriss calls it Dreamlining; simply put, these are timelines of your dreams and how much money you will need to accomplish those dreams. Read more about these here and get a 6-month timeline at:

When I am Coaching, I always have my clients start by filling out “passion worksheets” if they don\’t know what they want to do. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the thought of picking one passion to pour your heart and soul into… But what I know for sure is that if you create a business from your dreams, the universe will reward you for honoring yourself and begin to send money your way, helping you to further fuel you dreams and passion bank account.

Growing and Funding Your Dreams and Passions

I really want you to begin to understand how to use financial goals to motivate you to dream bigger and to act within a time frame.

It is an amazing feeling to be able to grow and fund your dreams and passions and teach others to do the same. And it feels even better when you can fund charities that you care about.

So let\’s talk about what you must do to grow and fund your dreams and passions–you must invest in knowledge. Just as I discussed earlier, most of us aren\’t brought up with healthy money mindsets. To grow and fund your dreams and passions you must invest in the knowledge that will help you learn the following:

  • How to earn money with your passions
  • How to keep as much money as possible after you earn it
  • How to manage and grow a team–preferably a virtual team
  • How to communicate your dreams and passions to your team
  • How to make decisions that do not undermine your overall dreams
  • How to continue the cycle of dream growth by mentoring others

Be willing to spend a significant percentage of your time learning from others and seek the right team members to help you grow and fund your dreams and passions. It takes time and money to do this, but the reward is exponentially greater than the cost.

Living Your Dreams

I want to wrap up by reminding you to constantly revisit your dreams and passions by Journaling and asking the most important question of all… Why?

Every person who lives their dreams eventually becomes muddled in the day-to-day business stuff that has to be done in order for our dreams to blossom. When you get to a point that you are feeling an energy drain from living your dreams instead of an energy surge, it is time to ask yourself “why you started living this dream in the first place.”

By focusing on that initial reason that you began the dream you really pinpoint the place in time when you were in a creative flow and more fulfilled. It may be time to change and grow and move on and live a new dream or it may be time to eliminate some energy drains that wiggled their way into your life when you were too busy to notice.

Just make sure you slow down often so you can focus on the process of living your dreams while you are in the middle of living them–because that is what it is all about!

Sheri Keys Founder of the National Association of Women Writers

Sheri McConnell ( is the President and Founder of the National Association of Women Writers ( She helps women writers and entrepreneurs discover, create, and profit from their intellectual knowledge! Sheri' lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband Seth and their four children-ages 11, 10, 6, and 3 months. Contact her at or her toll free number at 866-821-5829.