…by Suzanne Falter Barnes

OK, who\’s hitting the Ben & Jerry\’s because they can\’t somehow get all their marketing tasks done? (That would be me.) BUT … I finally rose and said ‘no\’ to the angst. Here are some ways I\’ve developed to tackle the creeping overwhelm:

1. Realize you don\’t have to do it ALL. To get known in the world, you don\’t have to pursue every last marketing vehicle, just the right ones. Target like mad.

2. Focus on your market (and know who they are.) Some niches can rely purely on on-line promo, because that\’s where their people are. But others need the \’seal of approval\’ of major media. Figure out exactly who your people are and where to find them.

3. Determine exactly what you need to do. Break your marketing plan or to-do list down into all the areas you need to work on.

4. Make a comprehensive, dated task list. Setting dates works. Once you know what you have to do, use a Task management system like the one in MS Outlook. It forces you to give each task a date… then it reminds you when the task is due. Repeatedly!

5. Keep a promotion binder. Divide it into sections like Online, Offline, Search Engines, Advertising, Speaking, and Blogs. Keep all relevant materials, contacts, etc. in this book so you\’ve got it all in one place. Then dive in when the need beckons. I find all that material together gives me ideas.

6. Pick a focus of the week. If you can\’t keep momentum going on your promo efforts, pick a weak area and focus on it for a week or even a month.

7. Do five promo tasks per day. Promotion Expert John Kremer says do five simple promo tasks every day, like clockwork. Track your progress in the appropriate section of your promo binder or on Excel sheets. I say two would be just fine, too.

8. Have a promo-support buddy. Email a supportive friend every day with your list of marketing tasks. Just writing it down will help you stay focused. Then follow up at day\’s end (and return the favor.)

9. Keep a wall of fame. Whenever you get an interview, article published, or some other platform goodie, post it on a wall of your office, preferably in a frame. It builds mojo.

10. Have a monthly or weekly promo challenge day. Use Instant Messenger (free at msn.com) and spend a day getting promo tasks done with a fellow marketer. Check on by IM every hour or so, and share the momentum. Pick a shared focus, like blogs or booking speaking gigs, and make goals for the day.