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NABBW Teleseminar Event: Julie Hall on How to Have “That Conversation” with Your Parents

“The Estate Lady,” Julie Hall, Discusses

How to Have “The Conversation” with Your Parents and
Shares Her “Top 10 List for Dealing with Your Parents’ Personal Property”

<>Tuesday, November 16, 2010

7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (6 PM Central, 5 PM Mountain, 4 PM Pacific)


Guest Julie Hall, author of the books

“The Boomer Burden: Dealing with Your Parents\’ Lifetime Accumulation of Stuff” and

“A Boomer\’s Guide to Cleaning Out Your Parent\’s Estate in 30 Days or Less: How to Empty the Family Home Without Losing Your Mind”


Julie Hall "The Estate Lady"Every day approximately forty-eight hundred baby boomers become middle-aged orphans when their elderly parents pass away, leaving behind a lot more than just memories.

And for many of these Boomers, their parent\’s death signals the beginning of a terrible time, as they now have do deal with settling the estate and deal with lawyers, scam artists and unhappy siblings, while they are in the midst of their own personal grief…

You\’ve heard the horror stories: arguments over stuff . . . an inheritance lost forever when easily deceived parents are scammed . . . siblings estranged . . . an adult heir taken from daily responsibilities for months because of the enormous task of emptying a childhood home. It doesn\’t have to be that way for you – if you get to know Julie Hall, “The Estate Lady,” learn from her — and take action on her advice.

No one knows the challenges of settling parental estates better than Julie Hall, who has spent years breaking up sibling fights, uncovering dusty treasures and comforting clients distraught over parents\’ deaths and overwhelmed by everything left behind.

Hall, 45, got into her current line of work partly out of anger. As an antiques dealer and appraiser in Texas, she saw dealers, neighbors and even family taking advantage of elderly clients, stealing or offering pennies for collectibles worth hundreds. She decided elderly people needed an advocate. The Estate Lady was born.

Growing up in Texas, Julie received her undergraduate degree in communications from Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas. Upon graduating, she joined the corporate world in Houston as a pharmaceutical and medical devices sales person. Her work consisted of much travel. In her free time in different cities, she visited antique shops and began her interest in antiques and collectibles.

As a sideline business to her corporate job, she began The Estate Lady and was mentored by two prominent and well-respected antique and art dealers in Houston. Both mentors provided encouragement and knowledge that is invaluable in her appraisal ability today.

During her time in Texas, she also became a licensed antique dealer. In this role, she learned that she had a natural penchant for appraising and a special passion for working with and advocating for seniors, who are often taken advantage of when they were faced with parting with their possessions.

Today her integrity, passion and experienced eye are the cornerstones on which The Estate Lady\’s reputation has grown.

Hall is married and she and her husband have one daughter.Cleaning Out Parent\'s Estate

Here are some of the topics we will cover in this vitally important 60 minute teleseminar:

  • Why it is so important to have “that” conversation with your elderly parents before they become infirm or pass away.
  • The biggest mistakes Boomer children make when dealing with their parents\’ estates.
  • Why it makes sense to hire a personal property appraiser when dissolving a loved one\’s home.
  • Why you need to have a plan for your possessions/family heirlooms.
  • “Gifting.” What it is and why it is better to “gift” possessions now, rather than wait until you die to give heirlooms to your children.
  • How to minimize family feuds and honor your parents\’ wishes while clearing out the family estate. What you must do to make the task less daunting and overwhelming.
  • What happens if your parents die without a will? Can you still take what you want?
  • How to know what to keep, what to sell and what to donate or throw away.

Please join Julie on the call to claim your personal copy of her “Top 10 List for Dealing with Your Parents’ Personal Property.” You\’ll be glad you did!

This call is FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC so be sure to tell your friends about this event!

TUESDAY November 16th, 2010 7 PM Eastern Time.

Presented by the National Association of Baby Boomer Women (www.nabbw.com)

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