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Domestic Violence and Abuse

Support for the Survivor: BE REAL

What can you do when someone reveals abuse? B – Believe her and believe in her* E – Educate yourself; share your knowledge R – Reassure her that is was not her fault E – Empower with information and resources A – Ask what you can do and do your best L – Listen without […]

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The Isolation of Domestic Abuse

Excerpt paraphrased from Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor\’s Story Not long after the marriage ceremony, my new husband, Todd, wanted to buy land in Chandler, Arizona. He said we could get rich quick on the land while living cheap in a trailer. I was only twenty-one, and I objected to moving out of Tempe, […]

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The Invisible Forms of Domestic Abuse – Article 2

In this series for October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, author Lynn C. Tolson examines the aspects of insidious forms of domestic abuse. What is emotional abuse, and how does it pertain to domestic violence? Emotional or mental abuse occurs when one partner attempts to make the other feel bad about herself. Emotional/mental abuse often crosses […]

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